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May 30, 2010 09:57 AM

Chicken Fried Steak- Oklahoma City- I'm torn

I'm heading on a big trip in a few months. I'll be in Oklahoma City for a couple of days. I will have time for one Chicken Fried Steak Meal. I've heard great things about Ann's Chicken Fry as well as Rooster's Cafe in nearby James. If I only had time for one meal- which one should I pick?

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  1. Neither Try Cheevers Cafe $10 bucks for lunch, but it's a meal you won't soon foget

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      Any other folks that could be more helpful????

      Ann's Chicken Fry or Rooster's Cafe?

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        Sorry, I quit the button too soon Rudy tudy

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          Saw the website for Cheevers, the place looks a little too pretentious for me. I was thinking along more traditional , classic terms.

          Any one with any thoughts regarding Ann's Chicken Fry or Rooster's Cafe?


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            Cheevers is not a pretentious restaurant. It is a nice place with excellent food, and doesn't pretend to be more (or less) than that. That said, the best CFS in the city is at Jimmy's Round-Up on SW 59th. If you think Cheever's is pretentious, this is right up your alley.

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            The central issue in chicken-fried steak is whether it is pan-fried or deep fried. Cheevers deep fries. I am firmly in the pan fried group myself, but I respect others' viewpoints.

            Can anyone tell which places pan fry?

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              At home, you can pan fry to achieve that extra cachet of contact browning.

              In a high volume restaurant environment, we should expect that they use the efficiency of the deep fryer.

              dcbbq, have you ever found a high volume place that pan fries?

          3. Ann's will give you the quintessential chicken fried steak-Okie-Route 66 experience.

            - specify gravy on the side, in a big bowl.
            - try all of their sides, avoid their salad
            - take time to linger among all the memorabilia on the walls.



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              Thanks for the info FoodFuser!

              I'm really into "Americana" so any Route 66 landmark will really capture my attention.

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                I think Ann's would be good especially since you are looking for a Route 66 type place. They are not open on Monday and they only take cash, no debit or credit cards. I am not familiar with Rooster's or a place called James. There is a place in Bricktown called Roosters that is fairly new and it sells mostly fried chicken. Other places in Oklahoma City with chicken fried steak I like include Cattlemen's, Mackie McNear's, Western Sizzlin, Del Rancho, and yes, even Furr's which has a good chicken fried steak in my opinion. I agree, Cheever's may be a little pretentious and somewhat expensive compared to other places where chicken fried steak is available. Shorty Small's chicken fry is decent and is huge. Nic's Grill which is more known for hamburgers has a good chicken fry at breakfast and lunch. If you want to have chicken fry at Ann's, I say do it. I personally like Ann's food and atmosphere.

                Bigray in Ok

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                  Thanks Bigray,

                  Rooster's Cafe is actually in Jones OK, I don't know how I got James.
                  Anyway, thanks for the advice!

            2. Ann's is okay. It has a pseudo-Route 66 atmosphere, and it is on the original Route 66. However, the best place in town to get great chicken fry is the Chuck House on 10th and Meridian. You get the cream gravy, biscuits and a tender, HUGE, chicken-fried steak. Very, very casual and not pretentious.

              Chuck House Restaurant
              4430 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

              Route 66 Cafe
              2204 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806

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                I just found this board and I'm way late with a reply, but I've been to Rooster's in Jones. It's straight out Britton Road going east. Their chicken fried steaks are the biggest ones I've ever seen. The small ones cover a platter, so I can't imagine what the large ones look like. It's a little family-run place, but the food is good. I'd probably recommend Ann's for your one CFS meal, because you'll enjoy the whole memorabilia/atmosphere thing. Hope you have a great time!

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                  I'm hoping that perhaps Roosters may have a chicken fried steak and eggs breakfast, if so, then I can hit both places. My trip is still a couple of months away.

              2. to actually answer the question....ANN'S CHICKEN FRY! hands down. I have been eating there for 30 years. My father used to race cars with the owner. regardless of that, the portions are huge, price is great and it tastes wonderful! enjoy

                1. Looks like I'm a little late to this party but I'm a big fan of the CFC at Del Rancho. It can be had as either a sandwich or as a meal with sides.
                  The restaurants tend to be a little run down but I've never had a poorly fried steak and the clientèle seems to be fifty percent old-timers which normally bodes well.
                  Also; The portions are about as big as my head and I have a large head.


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                    I agree, and never have been disappointed by a CFS sandwich from Del Rancho.

                    The recommendation was given for the out-of-towner, based upon the combination of the CFS and the very distinct decor. For the same reason, I always take folks to Cattlemen's for a ribeye or T-bone, and a stroll along the western outfitters' shops on Agnew.