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May 30, 2010 09:50 AM

Vancouver, BC / Seattle "Can't Miss" Restaurants?

Hello! My husband and I are from the NorthEast, and we are traveling to the Pacific NorthWest in a couple of weeks for the first time. We're looking for restaurants in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA that we might enjoy for lunch and dinner. We don't need anything too fancy, but would spend the $$ to eat at one of those cities' authentic and "can't miss" restaurants. Please help us! Where should we dine while in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA?? Thanks!

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  1. My husband & I are transpanted New Yorkers to Seattle.We spend a lot of time visiting
    Two of our faves for very fine dining are: The Fish House Restaurant in Stanley Park,
    and Rain City Grill on Denman St. in the West End of Vancouver.
    Bon Appetit !!

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      Seattle has many wonderful places to dine: Etta's, CafeCampagne, Dahlia Lounge, Salty's on Alki Beach, Six Seven @ the Hotel Edgewater. We were in Seattle last weekend and enjoyed wonderful meals at The Pink Door, Maximillen @ the Market (brunch) and Anchovies and Olives. :)

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        I would definitely second Rain City Grill - we've had wonderful seasonal food there on several occasions. I think Tojo's Japanese restaurant is also a must. I also like Ouzeri (Greek) on Broadway.

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          This thread was copied on the Vancouver board too:


          But a more complete response may be better found in this thread:


          In that thread, my personal recommendations were/are:

          1) db Bistro Moderne
          2) Bishop's
          3) Vij's
          4) Sun Sui Wah (Main St
          )5) Raincity Grill

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            BTW, Ouzeri is, sadly, gone. I loved that place when they were at their prime. Now it's a place called The Shack:



            I haven't been, but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much neither.

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              Sad news about Ouzeri - thanks for posting so I won't look for it next time I'm there.

        2. Hi coppolka - post a query about Vancouver over at the BC board: http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/85?t...

          1. Here are some options that are for restaurants that feature robust, direct and honest cooking and without too much pretensions: After trying others with all the hype I find that these are the most satisfying.
            Seattle - Sitka & Spruce, Lark, How to Cook a Wolf, Pho So 1 (for great pho), Fresh Flours (for great coffee and pastry)

            Vancouver - Refuel, Campagnolo, Mis Trucos (excellent Tapas), Salt, West (high end great cooking)

            Sitka & Spruce
            2238 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

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              Campagnolo is solid !

              A few more ideas, not necessarily "can't miss" but definitely worth your while:

              EAST VANCOUVER

              1) Au Petit Chavignol


              2) Les Faux Bourgeois

              3) Pied-a-Terre


              4) L'Altro Buca

              5) Tapastree


              6) La Buca

              7) Salade de Fruits Cafe

              8) Bistrot Bistro

              9) Pastis

              10) Q4 *used to be called Quattro

              (btw, Buca, L'Altro Buca and Pier-a-Terre are all owned by the same people)