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May 30, 2010 09:05 AM

Recommendations for Indian Restaurants

We are looking for a good Indian restaurant in the downtown area. We are coming for the Grand Prix weekend and would like to have a late, leisurely dinner. Any suggestion? Thanks!

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  1. I havent tried either but I hear Atma on St Laurent and Ghandi on St Paul are both excellent.

    1. Dev on Crescent street will suit your needs.

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      1. re: hungryann

        Cresent street will be anything but leisurely during the Grand Prix. I would suggest Curry House, on Mackay, below Ste Catherine.

        1. re: davekry

          I meant Devi on Crescent street:

          I don't remember if they have a terasse, but if they sit indoors, I don't see why they couldn't have a leisurely meal.

          1. re: hungryann

            hungryann, have you ever been on Crescent during GP weekend? (That's a purely rhetorical question, btw.)

            davekry is right, crescent does NOT = leisurely (or relaxing, de-compressing, quiet, serene, etc.) at that time, or, to lesser degrees, pretty much any other weekend until the dog days of mid/late August.

            1. re: Shattered

              And to add to what you say. The Crescent restaurants would probably jack up their prices for Grand Prix weekend.

            2. re: hungryann

              That was my suggestion, feel free to contribute your own.

        2. Taj on Stanley is a great Indian Restaurant

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            I could not disagree more about Taj. As for suggestions, take the metro or bus out to Jean Talon and hit up Indian Curry House or Bombay Mahal. I know it's not downtown, but the short trip IS worth it.

            Indian Curry House
            996 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H3N1S8, CA

          2. Thanks so much for your recommendations. This gives us a couple of good options-now hopefully we'll be able to get a table! Cheers!