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May 30, 2010 06:12 AM

Advice on how to celebrate my 50th in Barcelona

Alas, I will be achieving the half century milestone in late July, when I will find myself and family (two young teenagers) in Barcelona. (We're from Canada). We considered going up to Paris for the big night, but I am sure Barcelona can offer something pretty spectacular.

My kids are not terribley adventurous, and my wife likes fish but not crustcaeans, outside of shrimp. I myself have and will eat anything. We're looking for a restaurant which will provide an upbeat, Barelona ambience, understandin we are a family with two teens, which concentrates on great food and competent service, and which will feel like a special occasion. We'll be in central Barcelona. Of course, a bottle of champagne will be in order and price is not too much of an object. We'd prefer something that does not require formal attire or little black dresses.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I will be sure to report on our night.


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  1. The reason you have not gotten any response is the difficulty in recommending a restaurant that can satisfy all your criteria: pretty spectacular, not adventurous teenagers, upbeat, Barcelona ambience (don't know what this), great food, feel like a special occasion.
    That would rule out the modern/molecular places, the older traditional Catalan restaurants, the high-end table cloth more subdued restaurants, the tapas and pintxos places. Maybe:
    Fonda Gaig: lively ambience, comfortable seating, very good yet casual service, updated traditional Catalan cooking with a menu large enough that there might be things your teenager might like. The food will be good to excellent but probably not spectacular.
    More adventurous is Comerc24, beautiful modern decor, buzz rather than quiet, fun atmosphere, good for people watching, excellent modern Catalan cooking, celebratory where a good bottle of cava or champagne is not out of place. Instead of the Festival of Tapas menu, order a la carte from the large selection of small plates; there will be a few things your teenagers might like, otherwise, it will be a good introduction to a new experience for them.

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      PBSF, I agree, tough customer! Thank you for taking the time to make your suggestions.