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May 29, 2010 10:54 PM

Jeffrey's V. Fabi and Rosi for 30th Bday Dinner

Hi all,

I've heard great things about both of these restaurants - and will eventually get down to trying both out. :) That said, which would you all choose for a nice 30th birthday dinner for my fiancee. Both have glowing reviews so please help me decide. Food and ambiance are both equally important to us. Thanks!!


Fabi and Rosi
509 Hearn St, Austin, TX

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  1. I've been to both, and I would give a slight edge to Jefferey's for this particular occasion. Fabi + Rosi is a very nice experience, but it's an open room, versus the more intimate curtained-off tables you find at Jefferey's. Food is a little more expensive at Jefferey's, but it's also a little more composed, and I found service to be just a bit more upscale and polished. Don't get me wrong -- Fabi and Rosi is an excellent spot, and I do love their food, but if you're looking for a special and romantic locale, I would say that Jefferey's should be your pick.

    Fabi and Rosi
    509 Hearn St, Austin, TX

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    1. re: gilintx

      That's interesting; my experience was just the opposite.

      Jeffrey's for Valentine's Day; lights turned up high, lots of traffic around the table, no sense of intimacy.

      F+R for anniversary; lights at comfortable level, no traffic except an unobtrusive waiter, and a sense of having the place of ourselves. I was quite surprised while leaving to note that it was almost full.

      1. re: thebodytx

        Hey "Thebodytx", really? Post a picture or something and let us be the judge.

        1. re: thebodytx

          which table were y'all seated? Although I love F&R (the mussels RULE), it's not what I'd call romantic. What is it with everyone doing the bench seating for all the two tops lately?

          1. re: amysuehere

            Bench seating is more cost effective. It takes less room per table so you can get one or two more tables in the same space. More tables = more people seated = more income.

            1. re: Thorkel

              Yeah, but am I the only one that really feels uncomfortable in that type seating?

      2. Sort of off topic, but if you go...
        I have seen $50 gift certificates for Jeffrey's at Costco for $40 (or it may have been $80 for $100) as recent as a month ago. Haven't purchased them, so i don't know if there is any fine print.