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May 29, 2010 10:32 PM

Where can I watch Top Chef?

Is there any bar or restaurant in Manhattan that shows Top Chef on Wednesdays? I get so jealous of my friends who get to go watch sports games, and this seems like such an obvious niche market that I can't believe a gastropub somewhere isn't snapping it up. Unfortunately most of the ones that I can think of tend a little too far towards restaurants to have the TV blaring. Anyone know of some place I can get a good meal and be surrounded by cheering and critical fans? Especially now that Eric Ripert is going to be a regular...

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  1. Back when Colicchio & Sons was still Craftsteak, you used to be able to do it there. I'd call and ask. This only for regular Top Chef, not Top Chef Masters. (Top Chef season 7 starts June 16.) I think Mr. Colicchio himself was also in attendance much of the time. Not sure if they're still doing this.

    Colicchio & Sons
    85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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    1. re: kathryn

      Great idea, but no dice. I just called and not only do they not have any current plans for screening the episodes, they don't have any TVs installed. Any other ideas? Even if it's just a place with good food and a friendly bartender who might be convinced?

      1. re: bworm42

        Anyone have any idea on who's showing the current season? I'm now TV-less.

        1. re: craig_g

          I think you can watch the episodes online on the Bravo website.

          1. re: fm1963

            I thought not actually, just clips.

          2. re: craig_g

            there are sites online that archive and stream tv shows. one that starts with the name is very reliable. you'll have to search on your own, but they are easy to find, and have a wealth of material posted shortly after the original airdate.

            you might also check to see if there are any fan viewing parties on meetup or better yet, sponsored by the network itself.