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May 29, 2010 09:25 PM

ISO Morels

I know it's getting late in the "morel mushroom season," but I'm looking for a source for fresh morels in LA or Orange Counties. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Saw them at Whole Foods Tustin yesterday - they were okay size-wise but seemed a little dry. $36 a lb.

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    1. re: OCEllen

      Thanks. Picked some up today at Whole Foods. Agree that they seem a bit dry, but a dry morel is better than none at all!

      1. re: 50sGuy

        How were they after cooking? If they still have them midweek I may buy some.

        1. re: OCEllen

          I gave them a light flour dusting, fried them in butter, and served them over some sliced left-over steak. Tasted great.

    2. Hollywood Farmers Market (sundays). Has great ones. The best sell out by about 10:00.

      Hollywood Farmers Market
      1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

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      1. re: miwine

        And West Hollywood Farmers Market (Mondays, Plummers Park). No rush on the morels here.

      2. mushrom guys at the wednesday santa monica market had a ton of them last wednesday.

        1. Mushroom guy at saturday farmers market in Santa Monica just started getting them and said he expects to have them for the next month. I think they were $28/lb

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          1. re: carln

            Finally!!! He didn't have any a couple of weeks ago...........

            1. re: Phurstluv

              He's had them at Hollywood the last 2 Sundays, I think. He told me that they'll have them for at least a month, and that was about 2 weeks ago.

              On a related note, did anyone notice the new mushroom vendor that was at the Sunday Hollywood market, at the far south end, maybe outside the market proper or just inside? They had an insanely big selection, but almost suspiciously so... They had fresh porcini, and I don't think it's the season for them, is it?

              1. re: will47

                Looks like LA Funghi is the place I was thinking of (mentioned below too)

                1. re: will47

                  Yup! They show up at the Culver City farmer's markets too. I am a mushroom FIEND and like them for some unique items, but others are just too overpriced when you consider that you can get comparable mushrooms at asian markets for much cheaper.


          2. Mushroom guy at the Calabasas farmers market (Sat., 8:30 - 1:30, across Calabasas Rd. from the Sagebrush Cantina) has had them the last few weeks, though I can't vouch for last Saturday because I wasn't there. I think around $40 a pound.

            Sagebrush Cantina
            23527 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302