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May 29, 2010 06:21 PM

Help me get rid of gritty asparagus

So, I have been buying fresh locally grown asparagus at the farmer's market for a few weeks and had an issue last week. I snapped the stems as usual. I immersed them in a large, container. Very little sand on the bottom. I continued to change the water until clean. Just to be sure, I rinsed each one individually under running water.

Then, lo and behold....gritty asparagus. Threw the whole batch out.

Any tricks to doing this? They really didn't look dirty.

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  1. Soak in warm water, not cool or cold. Gritty asparagus is an abomination.

    1. just soaking isn't sufficient to remove any grit that's really clinging to the spears or wedged inside the buds on the tips - you need to agitate them in the water to get those stubborn grains out of there.

      1. I thought that by having them run under warm water, that would do it.

        1. The last batch of asparagus we bought was gritty too ... but we didn't know til we were eating it--crunch crunch crunch. Fearing for my teeth at that point, I tossed it, but the rest of the (uncooked) bunch, we soaked in cool water and rinsed and repeated several times.

          1. Do you have a salad spinner?

            Soak, and then rinse your asparagus, then toss them in a salad spinner and give it a good whirl.