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May 29, 2010 04:02 PM

Holy Grail -- Delicious Recipes That Are Relatively Low-Fat (at least 30% of calories or less from fat)

I offer my undying gratitude to anyone who can point me toward a website (or cookbook or other resource) that has recipes that meet the Chowhound standard of deliciousness but have less than 30% of their total calorie count from fat. Even lower than 30% is better but I realize that fat = flavor to a large extent.

The problem I have found is that way too many low-fat cookbooks have recipes that are absolutely terrible.

So far, the best resource I have found is Epicurious and then searching by healthy (or something like that) but this is not very precise. I'm looking for the motherlode at the intersection of gourmet and healthy.

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  1. I won't make any claims about fat percentages per recipe, but have you checked out Sally Schneider's _A New Way to Cook_? It won a Beard award and is generally well-reviewed. I have it and have found most dishes a little too fru-fru for me, but it might be right up your alley.

    1. I love

      This website is a collection of creative vegetarian dishes that are mostly low fat. I have had good luck with almost all of them. If you're not veg (I don't think you are) you could always incorporate meat back into the recipe.

      1. is my favorite, followed by the Cooking Light recipes at (use the enhanced search and just select Cooking Light).

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