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May 29, 2010 03:07 PM

Help in Danbury CT - Meat & Fish


Need some help for little jfood who just moved to Dbury. She is looking for a place to buy good fish and meat. Looking for something other than (i.e. better than) Stew Leonards or S&S.


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  1. J--you mean Mrs J isn't going to dreiving up the groceries and you footing the bill? Danbury is only the northern end of the county and within the lamb chop defrosting distance acceptable for the little ones to move to............

    Not much exciting, but try the Bethel location of Caraluzzi's Market

    Better than chain supermarkets.

    Also Karl Ehmer for good German style deli

    1. Unfortunately, you will not do much better than the meat at Stew Leonard's or Caraluzzi's without paying quite a decent amount for it. Danbury is sorely lacking in both of those areas. Costco has the best meat and seafood in terms of value around here, it seems. Costco has a lot of wild caught cod and some other varieties, although I see a lot more farm raised salmon now than I used to, but maybe it's my imagination.

      Laurel Ridge farm is $23/lb for their ribeye...not something that most people can buy regularly. There is Stuart Family Farm in Bridgewater and their meat is quite good. If she's not a very frequent meat eater, it's a decent option. There are others I'm probably forgetting that you could probably find through a quick googling. I have always been underwhelmed with meat and fish at most supermarkets in the area, so I don't eat much of it.

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        I couldn't disagree more. I live in Newtown and shop at the Caraluzzis here, I find it to be an outstanding store. The meats are high quality and if you use their circular there are always great sales on meat and seafood. If $$$ isn't an issue they also carry high end free range meats and the whole line of dartagnans (sp?) products. Stew Leonards is a really poor quality overpriced place to shop.

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          Well admittedly I'm not a regular shopper there, but in my experience the meat was fine, just nothing spectacular. Of course it's better than the garbage available at Stop and Shop and certainly I think it's more than adequate, but yes, I do think it's unfortunate when a good but unremarkable store is the very best the area has to offer for frequent shopping. I'll have to go back and give it a few more chances, I suppose.

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          I've been up here a year and have yet to find a store to find great meat or fish...(i've been eating a lot of chicken lately which I purchase at Shoprite in Brookfield--they have a nice variety of free range organic birds)
          Stewies doesn't cut it as far as seafood goes---it's hit or miss with the freshness and their quality of beef isn't great..... (though they do have a nice sausage section).......
          I've always been a skeptic about Costco seafood or meat but just last weekend I purchased a nice side of farmed salmon from there. It was super fresh and was delicious on the grill!

        3. I agree with costco for quality - I find it better than stews. I've never been but there's an Omaha Beef in Danbury (a friend goes there and love it, but again, I can't give a review).

          1. I shop frequently at Caraluzzi's -- either Georgetown on the way home, or Bethel if already at home. They carry Bell & Evans, which is what I prefer for poultry. Just yesterday I got a whole bird for $1.59/lb on sale -- as mentioned already, use the circular to get good deals.

            The Georgetown store definitely carries an assortment of wild-caught fish (not sure about Bethel), but it is too expensive for me. I have found their fish to be pretty fresh.

            I have purchased some good cuts of beef before. We don't eat red meat too often, but when we do I want it to be GOOD. If I see a really well-marbled rib eye I will pick it up, but I wouldn't say they are know for their high quality beef - unless you want to buy prime and pay the $$$$. I also really like skirt steak, which they carry.

            Karl Ehmer has a good selection of sausages - all the wursts are available, and VERY tasty!

            1. Caraluzzi's in Newtown has superb raw tuna...a bit pricey but worth it...Everything else I feel is overpriced..for fresh Maine seafood, try Stan Ellot's fish truck...Thursdays in Woodbury and Fridays in New Milford

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