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Jul 8, 2005 09:42 PM

Manhattan Beach

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I am here for a month. Any restaurants not to be missed. Lot's of chains, any local favorites.

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  1. Used to work in Manhattan Beach and never brought my lunch... I ate all around town and here's places I would return... my recs...

    * Sloopys for Milkshakes and Burgers. Real Casual place...
    * Cafe Pierre. Small, but wonderful local restaurant.
    * Wahoos. A Chain, but I like their grilled fish tacos and cheap beer of the month!
    * O-Sho. My favorite Sushi in the area. Great Teriyaki Lunch Special
    * Michi. Fine dining and Martini Bar. One of the better food choices in town, MUCH MUCH better than Towne...
    * Versailles. I love the Roasted Pork, Lechon. Fast cheap eats!
    * Reeds. Located in the Mall next to the Ralphs, I think it's the best restaurant in town.
    * Papa Jakes. AWESOME cheese steaks!

    To locate these places, check out Yahoo Local!

    Enjoy your stay in town!!


    Link: http://local.yahoo.com/mapview;_ylt=A...

    1. El Gringo Manhattan Beach - Americanized Mexican food
      Coffee Cart or Uncle Bills- great breakfast
      Pomodoro - good cheap pasta
      Avenue - fine dining
      Talia's - fine dining
      Mangiamo's - fine dining

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        wow i'm a dog

        i think gringo's gone downhill lately, in both food quality and service. i'd check out la paz in el segundo (just a quick drive or bike ride) on main. it's our new fave.
        la paz restaurant
        403 main street
        el segundo, ca 90245-3003
        310 322 3742

      2. w
        wow i'm a dog

        uncle bill's pancake house
        1305 highland avenue
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 545 5177
        - great breakfast place, long wait. i'd go on a weekday if you can.

        avenue restaurant
        1141 manhattan avenue
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 802 1973
        - american. best fine dining option in the south bay, though it's not *that* great (see http://chowhound.com/california/board...)

        szechwan restaurant
        924 no. sepulveda blvd.
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 379 9712
        - good chinese. consistent. expensive for what it is. full bar though!

        thai dishes
        1015 north sepulveda blvd.
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 546 4147
        -they deliver! i like the pad kee mow. good soups, too. vegetarian options.

        mama d's
        1125a manhattan avenue
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 546 1492
        - italian. excellent service. gets crowded early. loud.

        1133 highland avenue
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 545 2826
        -solid japanese, though a tad pricey.

        the kettle
        1138 highland avenue
        manhattan beach, ca 90266
        310 545 8511
        -late night (it's 24 hours) dining option.

        mermaid restaurant
        11 pier avenue
        hermosa beach, ca 90254
        310 374 9344
        - a true dive bar right on the beach. greasy fries. old school style.

        martha's 22nd street grill
        25-22nd street
        hermosa beach, ca 90254
        310 376 7786
        - good breakfast (and lunch, too). on the beach. very crowded on weekends. take-away available right next door. great for picnics on the beach.

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          North End on Highland near 30th Street for excellent panini sandwiches, Belgian fries, and novel omelettes. Friendly people, great food. Open breakfast and lunch only.

          Second the motion on Avenue, quite good though on the expensive side for the area. Brendan the Bartender loves wine and is an excellent guide to the selection - sit at the bar and ask him to surprise you. He'll do samplings and flights based on your tastes.

          XO Bistro - Great wine bar, good food. Fun place to have some tapas and a glass or two.

          RocknFish - Serious seafood and good steaks- drawback is that the place is LOUD in the evenings. Go for lunch unless you like an almost furious buzz.

          Chakra on Twelfth Street by Highland - New place, good pan-Asian cuisine. Best midweek or early on weekends if you're there for the food - it's a club on weekends after 9.

          The Banyan on Highland - Nice comfortable little Indonesian cafe, good value.

          I disagree with the other poster's recommendation of Szechuan Restaurant - it's gringo Chinese at best. China Grill is OK for modern and innovative Chinese-inspired food. For really good authentic Chinese you have to go to Torrance or Gardena - my favorite is Little China on Western just north of 182nd Street.

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            Oh my gosh - we love Szechuan!! It' is a bit gringo-y but very good. My husband's from NY - Brooklyn (Canarsi sp???) and it's the only place he'll go to, unless we're going to Lomita for Dim Sum.

            Even though it's fast food, another good place is Chong's (off Sepulveda and Artesia) They have the best wonton soup I've ever had. It's huge. Made with pork dumplings, fresh veggies, and in a real tasty broth

            1. re: spyder92000@aol.com

              If you like the Chong's fast food place, you should check out the China Grill that I mentioned in my post - it is owned by the same peole, but is much more adventurous and upscale. The Chong brothers are ethnic Chinese who grew up in Pedru, and they use some Peruvian "Chifa" ideas in their food.

              You don't have to go to Lomita for dim sum - Sea Empress on Redondo Beach Boulevard is close, and as good as any place I've been in Lomita. Where are you going now?

              1. re: FoodObsessive

                I liked China Grill, but my husband wasn't a big fan. Not sure why, since he likes Chongs. I can't wait to tell him it's owned by the same people. :) We avoided Chong's for 2 years because it's fast food, but then we finally broke down and tried it. The first time we didn't enjoy it, because we ate off the buffett. The second time we ordered from the menu and what a difference. I can't even tell you how good that wonton soup is. It has pork dumplings, shrimp, chicken, pork, snowpeas, waterchestnuts, carrots,and cabbage in this ginger broth. It's wonderful

                Oh thank you for the dim sum recommendation. I can't wait to find this place. I THINK I know where it is. Do you pass it on Artesia? There's a place off Artesia, before Hawthorne, I've seen and wondered about, but I think the place I'm thinking of went out of business and is now a Fusian Indonesian place.

                1. re: spyder92000

                  Okay. I did some research and I don't know how we missed this Dim Sum place, but my husband says we have to go now - as in today now. LOL. It's only 4 miles from our house! :) I found an interesting website hosted by Radisson Hotels and Resorts in Orange County listing tons and tons of chinese and japanese restaurants. Sea Empress was one of them and it got a very good write up, raving about the dim sum and chinese broccoli. Another one, that's on the exact same street - W. Redondo Beach and only a block away, was called Tsukiji and was described as AUTHENTIC Japanese. It got an even better review. They even suggested reservations. Have you been to this place? Now I have two places to check out. Thanks for the lead!

                  1. re: spyder92000

                    Fusion Indonesian off Artesia in the South Bay??? Where is this?

                    Look forward to hearing your opinon of Sea Empress...

                    1. re: FoosObsessive

                      I love you, Food Obessessed. Sea Empress is now our one of our favorite places. Dim Sum Sunday is back on! (and they serve dim sum all week!) Now there is no reason to ever go to Lomita again. That place was fantastic. Not only was the food amazing, but the restaurant was really nice and clean, a very pretty place, and the service was very good. Everyone was so friendly. (NO friendliness in Lomita). Thank you for the suggestion.

                      1. re: FoosObsessive

                        i think maybe you are thinking of a place called maybe belacan on 190th/inglewood? i have not been there, don't know if it is any good.

                        1. re: cc

                          That was exactly what I was thinking of = the Belcan.

                    2. re: FoodObsessive

                      I think the place we like to go to for Dim Sum is called Ocean Seafood in Lomita... It's way down PCH, passing the Torrance airport, keep driving.....on the right hand side. There's a strip mall behind it.

                2. Some of my favorite places are:

                  1. Sombraros (Manhattan & Redondo)
                  2. 3 Amigos (Hermosa & Redondo)
                  1. Sezchwan - (Manhattan)
                  2. Chong's for fast food and delivery (Redondo) - get the wonton soup
                  3. Chang's (Hermosa)
                  1. Sun and Moon (Manhattan)
                  2. Gui Gui Sushi (Redondo Beach)
                  1. Akbar (Redondo) LOVE THIS PLACE
                  2. Addi's (Redondo)
                  1. Marthas (Hermosa)
                  2. The Kettle (Manhattan)
                  3. 3 Amigos - breakfast burritos
                  DINER FOOD:
                  1. Kettle
                  1. The Spot (Hermosa)
                  1. Paisano's (Hermosa)
                  2. Amicci's (Redondo)
                  1. Cafe Piere (Manhattan)
                  1. Rae's - THE BEST Ciopino ever
                  2. Bottle Inn
                  3. Il Boccaccio - Love the lasagna
                  4. Frito Misto - Mediterranean chicken pasta
                  1. Poulette Dijour - they deliver
                  1. Versailles
                  1. Hectors (Redondo)

                  Okay, now I'm hungry

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                    Love Paisano's for their great NY style pizza. Mmm..