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Want Me some Off -the-Hook French'n Fries

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After beating myself at the health club, I'm jonesing for some 'awesome' french fries, hey it's the beginning of summer fun and a little splurging. They can be SPF's, regular, curly cut, waffle as long as they're fresh, crisp and tasty. Dive bar, civil bar, any neighborhood, any place, whatever. Any opinions of the 'best' place around.


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  1. If I can be forgiven for mentioning a place that I haven't yet tried, I'm hearing a lot of good things about the "Dave du Jour" truck's truffle fries. Apparently he often gives a portions of it out as an occasional freebie.

    I started to follow his Tweets and it looks like his operating hours are generally around 10 pm until 2-3 am, usually at various bars around coastal North County. I've also seen his Tweets covering 30th Street and Pacific Beach as well. Definitely something for the night owls to checkout!


    1. Beer-battered garlic fries at O'Brien's on Convoy. Garlic optional (if you're trying to keep it simple), but beer-battered definitely not. Best fries in town IMHO.

      1. Coincidentally I just posted a review of The Counter in Carlsbad (burgers). I didn't mention the fries but perhaps I should have. The regular potato fries are thin, light, crisp, non-greasy and they give you a really large plateful, suitable for sharing. To me, they are "potatoey" in a very good way, such that I have no desire to put ketchup on them. I give credit to Mc Donalds for what they do with fries, but I'll give more credit to The Counter for getting them a little better.

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          I don't know if you had a chance to try their sweet potato fries, but those are also excellent

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            This could be a first, a great burger with great fries on the 'same plate', something I've blogged about in the past. I may have to head up to The Counter and give it a test nosh.

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              Cool, but the fries are a separate order. Like $3.50 or $3.75. Huge, shareworthy plate though.

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                Thanks for the heads-up, I'm just thrilled that one place can do 'both' well. 'I'd gladly pay tomorrow for a hamburger and french'n fries today'.

                I hope Josh, the 'burgermaster' tries this place, I'm curious to hear what he thinks.

          2. Chloe's and Opera in Sorrento Valley have great fries. Don't know that they're the best, but they're great.

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              2nd Cafe Chloe's. I dream about their super thin frites with the 3 dipping sauces!
              Gordon Biersch has very yummy, garlicky fries.

              Cafe Chloe
              721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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                Chloe's are my all time favorite - for some good old fashioned trashy batter dipped fries, try Downtown Johnny Brown's at the Civic Center.

                Downtown Johnny Brown's
                1220 3rd Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

                1. re: Alice Q

                  Batter dipped, nice artery clogging touch, how's the mouth texture? Surely not diet food now!

            2. Parmesean truffle fries at Luc's Bistro in Poway and duck fat truffle fries at Smoking Goat in North Park.

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              1. My Truffle Fries at Pamplemousse actually had bits of truffle and not just truffle oil.

                1. Cstr of all places we had the best fries at the Kebab Shop in Mira Mesa. Nothing exotic, just a pile of plain ol' regular fries cooked to perfection, golden crispy and hot. We've been there about 3-4 times and they've been great every time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they keep it up. They have a location downtown too, but no clue if the fries are as good.

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                    What did yo get to accompany those golden sticks of goodness? Sometime less, plain ol' regular fries, is better, especially if there cooked to perfection.

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                      Thanks for the rec, Island...I just visited The Kabab Shop in Mira Mesa for my first time and and had a lamb doner kabob, fries and a salad. The french fries were indeed very good. They remind me of the french fries from Point Loma Seafood, which are also pretty good.

                      Point Loma Seafoods
                      2805 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106

                      1. re: nileg

                        Great Nileg, glad you weren't disappointed. been to PLS many times, usually get fresh fish to go or a crab sandwich. Never had the fries, but I'll give them a whirl, Thanks.
                        Cstr like Nileg, my golden sticks typically share a table with a lamb doner and sometimes a green salad. Once had a chicken doner that was heavy on a curry flavor I don't care for so I'm back to the lamb. First visit husband and I each got an order of fries, expecting a small side, but it was huge. I couldn't polish them off and I never thought I'd ever say that about good fries.

                        Also, the Kebab Shop is on Restaurant.com. Can purchase a $10 GC for $4, $20 for $10. See details for minimum purchase.
                        That site has nonstop sales for % off , Max I've seen is 80% and I hold out for thoses since thay come around often, maybe every 2 weeks. $10 for 80 cents or $20 for 4 bucks. Nice.
                        Higher denominations for other restaurants and a few gems like Cavaillon!

                        If you're interested, the current sale is 70% off and you'll get a free $10 certificate for a $25 certificate purchase. The current discount code is "dad".

                        Cavaillon Restaurant
                        14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127

                    2. Liked the fries I had at Blueprint Cafe today.