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May 29, 2010 10:22 AM

Gorbals - Lunch vs Dinner

I'm going next week for lunch and wanted to know the differences between lunch and dinner menu, if any.

The website shows 1 menu.

Any suggestions for food would be great. I know I am definitely having the bacon wrapped matzoh balls.

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  1. I've only been once. For dinner. I believe the menu changes daily, or at least regularly, with several dishes. like the "matzoh balls," as constants. I don't remember everything we tried, but everything was good to great. I know we did have the matzoh balls, chopped liver, welsh rarebit, and a couple specials that day, squid ink risotto and goat buns. The only thing I remember being worth a pass were the latkes which, as a latke fanatic, I insisted on ordering despite our servers recommendation not to. She was right.

    1. Last time I went, everything was great - except for the latkes which were meh. However, they didn't have the matzoh balls on the menu that night. (I've had them once before and enjoyed them - although I think they could use better quality bacon and they'd be better.)