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May 29, 2010 09:35 AM

No Colony Fairfield Reviews?

I saw in the paper it opened. What's the what?

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  1. OK... been about a week now and no updates. What gives?
    I live in Fairfield and am excited to hit this within the next few weeks, so how is it? How is the food? How is the line/crowd?
    I've never been to the Stamford location, but I've read plenty. How does the new site compare to the original?

    1. Am going on Sunday - will let you know immediately after!!!

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      1. re: fcmenutalk

        I went to Colony Fairfield today for takeout.

        The pizza isn't kind of like the original isn't mostly like the original location....The pizza at Colony Fairfield is EXACTLY, PRECISELY IDENTICAL to the pizza at the Stamford location, where I am a frequent customer and where I got pizza yesterday.

        BTW this is a little far afield for most FFC types, although I know Jim Leff's been to Hancock Tavern, Staten Island. And if I were to try to describe a Colony pie, I would have to reference the Staten Island "cracker crust" style of pizza making.

        Oh and the interior of Colony Fairfield is totally first class. I came, I took out, and I conquered, when you consider the timesavings over fighting traffic on 95 against the rush.....To quote a famous governator, I WILL BE BACK!

        1. re: shark_attack

          Good to hear, Shark. What makes the interior so first class? Imagine the parking has to be better.

          I know Stamford Colony does a big takeout business (since the wait for seats at busy times is long and hard), but I've never found their pies travel well. The enclosed steam softens the crisp crust and while the toppings don't carry the danger at home of scalding the roof of your mouth like at the bar, the cooled cheese is more rubbery.

          So-so pies can withstand take home since they are already damaged goods. Even Tarry Lodge is not bad at home. But for me, Colony just doesn't like to hit the road..

          1. re: louuuuu

            The interior is a spiffier version of Joe's American Bar & Grill. Nice and spacey.

            I found the pizza similar to Mike's Pizza, located a few hundred feet away. Colony's was thinner and a bit less filling. I'm sticking with Mike's.

            1. re: brianomega

              Mikes? Ugh!!
              They may be better than Domino's in Fairfield, but that is about it.

              1. re: foleyd7

                If it is not an emphatic "that was the bomb" - then that is just not good. Never heard of Mike's but usually Colony is in a class of its own. Some people just do not like thinthin crust - or it is just NOT the same. Going in the am!! Can NOT wait.

                1. re: foleyd7

                  Just went to Colony yesterday and loved it. Not sure what's up with the comparison to Mikes (which I think is gross) - not even remotely similar. Will agree that it's not very filling thugh - wish they also had salads.

        2. Went there the other day late night for a pizza - I grew up in Stamford so I am very familiar with Colony.

          I'm glad to see them up here - I love the pizza. Definitely not something I want to eat everyday but it is the perfect pie for a pitcher of beer.

          They did a great job recreating the product up north. The space is great but nothing special to those of us who grew up in the original.

          You'll be seeing me here late night very often.

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          1. re: ipo

            Hey Louuu,

            The parking is spotty since there really isn't a lot, as far as I know.......It's on-street and it's tough, but that's part of the overall pizza challenge.

            The interior is first class because it was done really well. The place is in no way a dive. In fact, it may be a little too nice for the Colony purist used to braving the wrong-side-of-the -tracks neighborhood and then an interior which would be charitably described as "rustic".

            I've had about 5 pies from the new place; in fact I'm trying to get them on the phone right now!

            BTW I ate at Ossiana last was phenomenal. You couldn't get in the place around 8-830. I ordered the steak, which used to be a weak spot on the menu but that wan and uninteresting strip steak (24) has been replaced by a more expensive and far more acceptable Filet with whipped potatoes (29). Yes I know I should be ordering the seafood, but I was in the mood for steak. The steak in it's former incarnation was a glaring deficiency; the new one is right on target, and in keeping with the kind of quality, the kinds of TASTES that many have gratefully come to expect from Ossiana.

            The bottom line...Ossiana looks right, it sounds right, it smells very right, it IS right in every essential way.

          2. Finally made it out to the new Colony Grill in Fairfield. A fantastic job of repeating an existing success in Stamford. The place looks great and is very spacious. And the pizza was almost a spot-on replica of the delish original. They even have ADDITIONAL toppings! WHAAAA?? Bacon, dude. Bacon. Full thoughts here:

            Colony Grill
            172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

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            1. re: fcmenutalk

              Great review, great pics.

              For me the drive to Stamford was onerous, and usually involved fighting traffic.

              For me Colony in Fairfield is like Manna from heaven.

              As for the extra topping, "Don't mess wit' tradition" says me......

              Bacon is not and has never been a favored pizza topping, nor are onions, nor anchovies, and all the rest. Cherry peppers yes, mushrooms maybe.

              I am planning to try your favored pie, the sausage/pepperoni/hot oil trilogy of greatness.....

              And as I said, great pics great writeup. Makes me wish I weren't a techno-tard:)

              1. re: shark_attack

                Hey Sharky,

                The trifecta you described is jfood's favorite at STM location. Wrote it up on a few months ago. Tried to get there today but meetings kept getting in the way.

                1. re: jfood

                  I will be trying that pie ten or fifteen times until I can absolutely rule out the sausage/pepperoni combo:)

                  I am skeptical but more than willing to be convinced, and I'm not that hard to convince:)

                  1. re: shark_attack

                    It's just one of those things - when you go you feel COMPELLED to order your fav. And to that I say, why the hell not? It's what you like - eat it. You don't time for something you might not like! But if you are going to try something new - make your mind up before you even leave the house and stick to your guns OR buy TWO pizzas!!

                    1. re: fcmenutalk

                      I had lunch at the mother ship a few weeks ago with a colleague and his son. We all ordered different pies: pepperoni with hot oil (me); sausage with hot oil; and hot oil with sausage and pepper. There was no doubt in our minds that we each ordered correctly and the others just didn't get it. That's the beauty of Colony for you.

            2. Can't question the quality of the pizza, but I can't understand why it takes 40 minutes to make a pie like that. Either the restaurant's ovens are insufficient to handle the traffic or they're trying to compensate for the limited revenue opportunities afforded by their pizza-only menu by filling you up with drinks.

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              1. re: underradar

                Since it is true that the revenue-producing of the pizza-portion of a business such as Colony is fairly insignificant, (sell 100 pies at ten or eleven bucks and you're netting only...what? 500 bucks?)

                it was a concern of mine that the new Clony might de-emphasize the take-out portion of their business, which is the ONLY way I fly....I drink tons of good red wine and such, but I have never had a drink at either colony location, and have never eaten in. Call me what I am...a cheapskate with a fondness for good red wine:)...

                However, the new colony is actually much easier to get take-out from than the old location. So there ya go.

                Someone on here said the Colony pie doesn't travel well...I don't agree with that exactly, although mine rarely make it home; I've perfected the art of driving and eating. I will say this is a "first day" pizza. Colony pizza cold out of the fridge the 2nd day doesn't cut it at all, whereas, Patsy's East Harlem......Different story.

                1. re: shark_attack

                  "I've perfected the art of driving and eating."

                  SA -- Hopefully the "tons of good red wine" aren't imbibed behind the wheel as well.

                  Do they actually answer the takeout phone at the New Colony during peak hours?

                  I hunch the taps at the bar also produce a good revenue stream. In most fooderies, anything served with water in it (soups, coffee, beverages) earns a good margin... and there's lots of glasses, mugs and pitchers being filled there... especially during the long wait times. Colony is also a popular watering hole.

                2. re: underradar

                  This too continues to baffle me...

                  Long live Colony I love the pies - but it makes no sense that it takes 25 minutes in an empty restaurant to make the pies - especially since the dough is pressed...

                  Anyone else find it odd?

                  1. re: ipo

                    Place was pretty full, after being seated the wait at our table was 30 minutes for our pies. Not a pie on any tables around us for that entire time. They must do the take outs and eat ins alternatively (?).

                    After having dinner here I don't see the attraction to the food or experience. It's definitely not very Italian style nor NY style. Must be a CT style. The hyped hot oil with stingers (small green peppers) was good. Without the stingers though it would be plain, greasy and basically tasteless like the other pies we had. The wheat taste in the flour (semolina?) is very strong, for better or worse.

                    I'm not sure what the hype is but if you grew up eating these pies I guess it's what you're used to from back when the choices were more local or more limited. Medium sized very thin round disks with a medium amount of cheese and tomato. I can't really pick out any part in particular which is less inspired than the another.

                    For me, I'll stick with Pepe's in Fairfield or Coalhouse in Stamford if I want to feel like I'm having something special.

                    1. re: trehouse

                      "After having dinner here I don't see the attraction to the food or experience. It's definitely not very Italian style nor NY style." (You are correct, the pizza is not NY style. It is, as I have always stated, a crispy cheesy spicy bar snack)

                      "Must be a CT style" (actually it owes much to the Staten Island style of "pizza making", if you've been there, you know what I mean...There is a fair amount of cake-type flower used, the crust is crispy, it is a study in minimalism )

                      "Without the stingers though it would be plain, greasy and basically tasteless like the other pies we had." (it is true that the plain cheese pies are very boring, imho)

                      "I'm not sure what the hype is but if you grew up eating these pies I guess it's what you're used to " (this is true also of McDonald's and worse).

                      Bottom line. These are crispy thin cheesy hot spicy things meant to be consumed during and especially after drinking hard. They is what they is. This is not Patsy's, or Lombaridi's or Totonnos. BTW Coalhouse, while it aspires to greatness, fails to achieve it. Their pies are "half-baked" (sorry couldn't resist)...But they are better than Pepe's:)

                      In short, I like Colony pizza, but I am sympathetic to pizza purists such as my mom who do not. But tell me, where is the fantstic NY style pizza? I'll meet you there for lunch!

                      1. re: shark_attack

                        *************Improving On A Classic********************

                        The past few times I have been getting the pie with the hot cherry peppers and hot oil. The cherry peppers are OUTRAGEOUSLY good here. I am going to explore the other toppings and let you know.

                        BTW are they doing the new toppings at the old location? It kind of seemed like it from the web site.