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best sparkling wine for a bellini?

prosecco, champagne, brut, chardonnay, cava, sweet, dry or is it just all good & masked by fruit juice??

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  1. Prosecco is traditional. The tough part of making a Bellini is finding good, ripe white peaches.


    1. Prosecco, of course. As Robert says, finding good, ripe white peaches is key. Consider making a batch in a pitcher rather than assembling juice and wine in individual glasses.

      1. Three for Prosecco. (And the difficulty in finding great, ripe white peaches!)

        1. I love the Looza brand juice for bellinis! Any Brut style will do, sparkling, cava or prosecco!! I have been known to greet my guest at the door with a sparkling wine with POM in it too! Talk about take the edge off. I have to admit I am a big fan of the bubbles.

          1. Finally had a Bellini at Harry's in Venice earlier this year. Prosecco was
            used. Yummy!

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              Don't you know when you drink in Italy everything taste better? LOL!!

            2. N.V. Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling Célèbre. This is an awesome riesling sparkler from the Finger Lakes that is perfect for them. We buy this stuff by the case, and usually go through 3-4 cases a year. Heck of a crowd pleaser. -mJ

              1. Odd thoughts
                The name Bellini was bestowed on a drink made of the juice/pulp of white peaches with Prosecco..

                If you don't use Prosecco is it still a Bellini?

                If you don't use white peaches is it still a Bellini?

                If the drink is sparkling wine but not Prosecco and the fruit is not white peach, is it a Bellini?

                At what point does the drink stop being a Bellini?

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                  A Bellini starts with white peach juice. You can buy canned stuff, it's easy and tastes ok. Better yet, buy a few (white) peaches in season, squeeze them, strain the liquid and prepare to show off a bit. Prosecco, in my opinion, is less effervescent than champagne, it plays well with fresh fruit juice. Pour the wine and juice into a tall glass pitcher (7:3 wine to juice), stir gently and pour into champagne flutes. Never make a small batch.

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                    oooh, I like the ratio tip. I've never heard of another drink with a 7:3, hard to forget. Thanks!