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May 29, 2010 07:34 AM

best sparkling wine for a bellini?

prosecco, champagne, brut, chardonnay, cava, sweet, dry or is it just all good & masked by fruit juice??

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  1. Prosecco is traditional. The tough part of making a Bellini is finding good, ripe white peaches.

    1. Prosecco, of course. As Robert says, finding good, ripe white peaches is key. Consider making a batch in a pitcher rather than assembling juice and wine in individual glasses.

      1. Three for Prosecco. (And the difficulty in finding great, ripe white peaches!)

        1. I love the Looza brand juice for bellinis! Any Brut style will do, sparkling, cava or prosecco!! I have been known to greet my guest at the door with a sparkling wine with POM in it too! Talk about take the edge off. I have to admit I am a big fan of the bubbles.

          1. Finally had a Bellini at Harry's in Venice earlier this year. Prosecco was
            used. Yummy!

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              Don't you know when you drink in Italy everything taste better? LOL!!