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May 29, 2010 07:23 AM

Knives Sharpened in Brooklyn?

Looking to get my knives sharpened, preferably in Park Slope or northward, but not the guy in the truck--I've heard too many horror stories.

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  1. i've heard The Brooklyn Kitchen ( does a great job and they don't use a machine, which is important to me. In fact, I'm planning on bringing my knives there next week.

    Brooklyn Kitchen
    616 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. Cook's Companion (on Atlantic just west of Court, easy walk from Boro Hall or the Bergen St. F/G) sharpens knives.

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        Does anyone have similar suggestions for Queens, preferably central Queens? Thanks!

      2. I've been getting my knives done through whisk, in Williamsburg. They use the woman who sharpens in Chelsea Market. A bit cheaper and saves me a trip to NYC.

        1. There are actually two knife-sharpening trucks, one green and one red. I used the red truck for years, because I liked the convenience of it, and the old-school idea of it (I also get my seltzer delivered via truck), and because I love Dominic, the irascible, swearing Puglian who owns the red truck. But eventually I stopped because it was awfully expensive ($25 or so for four good-sized blades), and because I felt that the knives didn't hold the edges for long. I also tried Cook's Companion, which I liked, but it's also not cheap, and I had to shlep over there and leave my knives overnight.

          So, after years of this, here's what I finally did: I purchased the Chef's Companion electric knife sharpener (at Williams-Sonoma in Chelsea, but they're also for sale on Amazon) and now I do it myself. It takes about 30 seconds per knife, you can do every knife in your cabinet (including the serrated ones), and you can do the sharpening whenever you need it. The sharpener costs about $130, which is a big initial outlay, but certainly saves you money in the long run. And the result, if I do say so myself, is a sharper edge than you get from either the truck or the store.