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May 29, 2010 05:34 AM

Help. At a downtown hotel with 2 kids--where should I eat?

Please help! I am staying by the aquarium. Any tips for breakfast and dinner would be so appreciated. I am looking for casual but good food. Can't take any more Marriot food.
Signed a desperate Ny mom

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  1. You and your kiddos up for some adventure? The weather's nice this weekend: do what a pal and I did a couple weeks ago.

    Walk through the Intercontinental Hotel (on Atlantic Ave, not far from the Aquarium where you said you're staying) toward the dock. Catch a Water Taxi and ask 'em to take you to Scups In the Harbor. It's a little casual breakfast/brunch/lunch spot in East Boston, and everything about this place is cute and charming. Taxi fare is heavily discounted if you are going to this restaurant.

    The water taxi ride is REALLY fun and will give you great views of the city. (See 1st pic) You and your kiddos will love it.

    When you get to Scups, try a fried egg sandwich on grilled rosemary bread, with fresh greens and tomato jam. (See 2nd pic) Sit outside on the benches and check out the whimsical metal sculptures of sea creatures (including the mermaid/octopus/mermoctopus thing) (See 3rd pic)

    The warm cream biscuit is homemade, buttery, and way better than a KFC biscuit (which I won't deny I love). It's full of ham. (See 4th pic)

    Not sure if you're into heat / adventurous with breakfast, but Scups sells something called "Millionaire's Bacon". (See pic 5) It's a casual paper plate of high-quality bacon strips, with cooked on crunchy brown sugar bits, and a strong lingering peppery burn. Sort of sweet, smoky, salty, spicy, in each bite. I can see why a lot of people love it; I'm not a huuuge fan of black pepper, so it wasn't really my thing.

    Sure, this suggestion may not be the most practical/doable thing, but if you want something delicious, different, fun for your chowpups, and a way to sit outside with brunch and a glass of wine, do check out Scups. Everything is reasonably priced (under $10) and the proprietress is charming, and the staff are sweet. I was there about two weeks ago and was mesmerized by her stories.

    Scup's In the Harbor
    256 Marginal St, Boston, MA 02128

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    1. re: Prav

      This is why I love Chowhound. What a great plan and suggestion - I'm plotting my own trip to check it out. Thanks Pray.

      1. Wow Prav, what a post!

        As a mom, here's what we do in that area:
        Get thee to Sel de la Terre across from the Aquarium! It's surprisingly kid-friendly and the food is outstanding.

        Take a walk down to the Children's Museum. (With Aquarium at your back, walk left. Keep going left, cross over the bridge, and you're there.) Eat at Flour bakery cafe near the back of the museum.

        Take a walk up to the Boston Common and splash around in Frog Pond and go to the playground near the pond. Eat somewhere in Downtown Crossing or Chinatown - my daughter loves Gourmet Dumpling House.

        Walk over to Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market. Follow the freedom trail into the North End and get pastries at the Modern.

        It's a gorgeous day, and Boston is a fabulous walking city. Have fun!

        Gourmet Dumpling House
        52 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

        Sel de la Terre
        774 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199

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          1. re: Eatin in Woostah

            A second the vote for Flour Bakery Cafe near the Children's museum - definitely great food and very kid friendly.

            Flour Bakery + Cafe
            12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

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              And a short walk to the north end brings you to Pizzeria Regina or a cafe for some sweet treats.