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May 29, 2010 02:35 AM

Do you feel guilty when dinner doesn't include a vegetable?

I feel really guilty, but sometimes it's hard to get the whole thing pulled together. I think my default is sliced tomatoes, and I use my default far too often!

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  1. I try to stay away from a "default" but mine is usually roasted veggies. I just pick up random root veggies, possibly a squash, or mushrooms, whatever...and throw them on a solid baking sheet. I only feel guilty when I haven't prepared enough meat!

    1. absolutely not...........
      Growing up, my mother frequently served a slab of meat on a plate accompanied by a starch, NO vegetables.

      For me, a good steak or chop accompanied by a baked potato doesn't require a vegetable. OTOH, an all vegetable meal is fine too.

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      1. Guilty how? The food "whatever" says "per day". Are you feeling guilty because each choice all day you say no?

        I just figure the per day thing. It is a guideline for healthful living...your life. Will the stroke you suffer 23.037 years from today be because of that single only meal? Does a "cleansing fast" undo all? Think not.

        I just go with the idea, I chose guidelines. If I follow them and all seems well. good. If not, look at how I am following guidelines.

        Adelle Davis, pioneer, of healthful diets and how foods can harm. died of cancer. She said it was because of foods she ate as a child. I see this as maybe she was wrong cancer has many causes or fate or can one undo what was done before?
        This can paralyze.
        One thing I know ; we all die.

        1. I do feel a bit guilty when that happens, but not enough to slow the works.

          It happens less often than it might otherwise, because I keep some bags of frozen mixed veggies (peas/carrots/baby limas) on hand, and I can generally find time to toss some into a saucepan and simmer in a bit of water while I'm doing other things.

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          1. re: Bada Bing

            Almost never happens, b/c I'm a salad fanatic. So most dinners I prepare at least include a side salad.

            Guilty? Nope. But I start feeling antsy and crave veggies and/or salad if I haven't had any in 2 or 3 days or so.

            1. re: linguafood

              I know that feeling. I always cook a variety of fresh veggies with only very rare exceptions. Whenever we would spend time at the Maryland shore, a week of crab cake takeout dinners that only come with fries, with only corn on the cob available in some places, would have me dying to go pick up a pre made salad at the grocery store.

          2. Oh well, i do feel bad as well. With all that eat healthy bla bla yadda its hard to evade that feeling. I shouldn't though as in grand total there is nuff veggies and nutritions in my food.

            On the bright side: you start pondering about WHY you eat what you eat, and eventually say goodbye to the old scheme of "1 x meat, 1 x staple food and 1 x alibi veggies". Makes you more open minded to use whats in your crisper.