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May 29, 2010 12:46 AM

Georgetown/Foggy Bottom/Rosslyn Recommendations for Reunion Crew?

Returning to DC this coming long weekend for our Georgetown 25th and haven't been in the area in forever. Looking for inventive food, not tourist traps, reasonably priced. Maybe one kid friendly suggestion (though we have sitters on call), some friendly happy hours that are not screaming madhouses but good apps. We are staying in Rosslyn so any ideas in that neck of the woods are
appreciated. Feeling abit nostalgic about our old haunts, but most are probably gone, or not worth revisiting. Also, any specially good breakfast/brunch places to try?

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  1. hope you have a great reunion.
    our haunts were au pied du cochon and aux fruits de mer. gone!

    i don't know of happy hours on weekends, but...maybe there are.

    get a dinner at ray's the steaks in the courthouse area of arlington.

    i'd suggest you wander around in clarendon, too. lots of restaurants, and less tourist-trappy than georgetown. then again, it is nice to see what has changed in georgetown. but, as far as i know, the tombs (gaaah!), third edition and chadwick's are still going strong. clyde's is reliable.

    fattoush (m street, near where the best gyro place was) is decent for mid-eastern.

    at foggy bottom, the circle bistro (formerly the "west end café") *does* have a late-night happy hour:
    "Enjoy a late night happy hour every Friday and Saturday night from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    with half priced martinis, beer, and wine."

    oh, look, every sunday and monday night, the bar menu says all bottles of wine are half price! ""Wine Lovers Affair Every Sunday & Monday Nights All Our Bottles of Wines for Half Price""

    i hear very good things about the food, but i haven't eaten there myself in a while.

    that looks like a great deal.

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    1. re: alkapal

      Just went to Sette Bello last night in Clarendon, they have a really good Happy Hour deal, wine is about $5 a glass, beer is $2.5 and they have well-priced apps for about 3-5 (fun bruschetta combos, arrancini, meatballs and charcuterie), I think it's from 4-7.

      Closer to Rosslyn I really like Guajillo for Mexican and I would definitely say it's kid friendly. Really good sangria, carnitas, and mole.

      And I strongly second the recommendation for Rays the Steaks, try the crab bisque. Popular place, so I'd call ahead as far as you can, especially for a big group, or go early or late as a walk-in (one side of the restaurant is set aside for walk-ins).

      Sette Bello
      3101 Wilson Blvd Ste 100, Arlington, VA 22201

      1. re: alkapal

        Oh, alkapal, how I dearly remember au pied du cochon for the eggs benedict & frites! Georgetown is having a reunion "event" at the Tombs on Thursday, they say it's "kid friendly." All I can remember is falling asleep there one night after some heavy partying, and waking up to an empty bar!!
        I see that this board has many high-end suggestions for a weekend in DC, friends are not foodies, although I like to consider myself somewhat sophisticated. If I expand the geographical area, are there any more suggestions for good taste, good value?
        Also, I have a hankering to crack some crabs. Any suggestions for a "brown paper on the table, wooden mallet" type of place? Or a happy hour raw bar?

        1. re: Jadelise

          hey fellow hoya! get to the place in rosslyn for crabs -- it is well known, and should be ok for the heat factor outdoors this weekend. oh shucks, what is the name of that place? right...the quarterdeck!!!!

          ray's the steaks isn't snobby -- just great steaks for good value. good value for vietnamese food is nam viet. cafe dalat is gone. the vietnamese places got priced out of the real estate market generally.

          a good breakfast can be had in arlington at the "metro 29 diner," and there are places in clarendon where folks love brunch. my friend likes whitlow's on wilson. others love liberty tavern.

          i haven't wandered around g-town probably in 20 years. but so many places are gone.

          in general, as you know, out of georgetown it'll be cheaper and better value.

          many hounds here love different places in arlington. oh, i forgot, i like rio grand cafe in ballston a lot -- their jalisco or guadalajara platters with shrimp and fajitas really rock. great salsa and fun atmosphere for a group:
          Mesquite grilled jumbo butterflied shrimp and your choice of chicken, beef or combination fajitas.""""

          Our signature grilled jumbo shrimp brochette; stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeños wrapped with bacon and your choice of chicken, beef or combination fajitas.""""

          i have to put in a plug for my favorite indian: raaga in falls church. if you love lamb, get the chops, and if you want something not on the menu, ask the chef -- he's a great guy and willing to accommodate. great value buffet -- and quality food.

          cowboy cafe here in arlington is good too. i think it is a very good value for money, and they do lots of "new orleans" things. their shrimp is fresh. good brunch.

          my housemates worked at the tombs, another at chadwick's and the other at third edition. aaaaaaiiiiigggggghhhhhhhh! talk about after hours parties. 35th & o was hoppin'.

          1. re: alkapal

            Thanks, alkapal, my fellow Hoya! I will try to check out as many of your recs as possible next weekend. Definitely Ray's the Steaks as many have recommended that. i seem to remember an Uncle Julio's - maybe its the same one. I may also get a takeout of Crisp and Juicy for the Sunday ride back up to CT. I remember their sauces quite fondly and we have nothing like that here in CT.

            Uncle Julio's
            4301 Fairfax Dr Ste 125, Arlington, VA 22203

            Crisp and Juicy
            11160 Veirs Mill Rd Spc 158, Silver Spring, MD 20902

          2. re: Jadelise

            The Quarterdeck across 50 up by Ft. Myer is one of the last crab joints around. Full bar, all you can eat crabs. What could be better? Call and reserve a big table in the shade.

        2. steaks: rays the steaks (locally owned and great) Virginia
          burgers: ray's hellsburger: (same owner.. fantastic burgers, root beer on tap, perfect lunch, virginia
          citronelle: georgetown iconic eatery, inventive,dressy, far from reasonably priced. if you want a memorable meal to celebrate your reunion, albeit with a price attached, if not, have a drink in the bar and sample an appetizer for this internationally renowned chef michelle Richard.
          cafe atlantico has a sunday latin dim sum brunch that is fantastic. it is in the penn quarter area of dc which is full of great restaurants and bars. it is where they built the verizon center and borders chinatown. also a well known chef, Jose Andres. it is the new hopping area of dc. could also do one of his other local places, Jaleo (excellent tapas) or Zaytynia (Mezze or middle eastern/greek medeteranian small plates)
          also in georgetown is Cafe Milano (high end italian where you may find a famous person) and Mendicino grill (napa wine bar and restaurant)
          Central by Michelle Richard is his version of a french bistro with many of the same type food as citronelle but cheaper and less pretentious.
          still present in Georgetown from your days are Clydes and J Pauls

          Cafe Milano
          3251 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007

          J Paul's
          3218 M. St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007

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            1. re: alkapal

              all but citronelle and cafe milano are reasonable and I included the pricey part in those places. just thought perhaps a 25th college reunion warrented at least one memorable meal consideration

              1. re: dining with doc

                hey doc, yes, perhaps, esp. when these are "new" places since graduation.

                hopefully, we might get a report back.

                i remember the guy from bice -- "franco," (and now he owns cafe milano), when he used to ply me and my friend with carpaccio and booze at the bice bar. it was a great gig!

                1. re: alkapal

                  carpaccio and booze and I'm anyone's...