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May 28, 2010 09:46 PM

Fresh squeezed OJ in West LA by the quart?

I'm looking for a couple of quarts of OJ for a brunch gathering on Sunday.

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  1. i think Vicente Foods in Brentwood does - hopefully someone can confirm.

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        Another confirmation for Vicente Foods. Another option is the orange juice lady at the Saturday Pico/Cloverfield Farmers market. My husband is there now and will come home with her delicious OJ.

    1. Ojai's Friends Ranch citrus available at the Sunday Hollywood, and Wed Santa Monica farmers markets, exceptional citrus and fab OJ.....or p/u their Valencia juice oranges and squeeze them yourself. Fresh squeezed isn't that time consuming, and you can get creative and blend Valencia orange, Ojai Pixie tangerine with a splash of grapefruit, or tangelo, spicy blood orange and/or pomegranate for deeper color.

      Family owned Vicente Foods is also an excellent option, and for more than just fresh squeezed OJ...but I do wish they would develop their website!

      1. It is not exactly fesh squeezed, but the unpasteurized OJ from Trader Joe's is as close as I have found in the markets if you want it on a regular basis or can't get to one of your specialty stores.