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May 28, 2010 07:06 PM

Range hoods cost HOW much?

I just replaced my 18 year old orginal to the house kenmore stove with as much stove as I thought I could afford. A stainless steel Maytag, but I forgot that my hood is white. Now I read that hoods cost $500 and up?? Is this true? Can I keep all the internal stuff and just get a cover to match the range? Where do I even go to buy this thing? Obviously I'm not doing a real kitchen remodel. My range just diedm and I didn't spend the usual two years researching that I usually spend before I make a purchase.

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  1. Check out your local home store (Home Depot, Lowe's). If you are looking for a basic under-cabinet model, you should be able to get something very nice for no more than $2-300. If you have a place that sells over-stocks (in my neck of the woods, it's Home Owner's Bargain Outlet, or HOBO), and you should be good to go.

    You will only need to spend big money if you need high-capacity (for a commercial-style range) or if the size, finish or install are custom.

    See this article from This Old House:

    1. I bought a Broan stainless steel hood on eBay. It was brand new but the person had bought the wrong sized, assembled it and realized it too late. I paid under $100 for it.

      1. Then how much to have it installed? My dh has no skills.

        1. Keep in mind, even a budget hood will be more spendy if ordered in SS. If it's a standard size, you most likely can find one in the $2-300 range, as MikeB said...I can't imagine finding one for $100, that must have been the find of the year. And you can not keep all your internals. Painting is always a cheap option, but if not handy, doesn't make sense to pay for. Removing and installing isn't that difficult, depending on how the unit is powered (corded or hard wired). I would seek out an independent appliance store and purchase from them, rather than a box store, as they will guide you thru sizing, and could recommend an installer if necessary. You'll spend a bit more at a place like this, but their advice and experience makes it well worth it

          1. Take a look at Broan.