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May 28, 2010 06:21 PM

Dress for Cut and Sinatra

We have reservations for Cut and Sinatra next month. Do I need to do the "little black dress" and "business dress" for our dinners? I was hoping for a "business casual" look (no sportscoart/suit or dress). Any suggestions? I don't mind dressing up a bit, but would prefer not to.

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  1. Due to the hordes of tourists, dress in Strip restaurants is more casual than a comparable restaurant in, say, New York. While I wouldn't go in jeans and a T-shirt, business casual should be fine pretty much anywhere you go. However, there is a certain magic in Vegas reserved for those few who dress to the nines, especially when you're done with dinner and approach the craps or roulette table.

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      I Like Dressing up gets me chance to wear the Hugo Boss Suits. That being said I have been next to a table at Joel Rubichon wearing jeans and hoodies...So go with what makes you feel sexy and comfortable

    2. I've dined only at CUT, and a "little black dress" and "business dress" is too dressy. I wouldn't wear jeans/shorts/t-shirts, but nice slacks and a nice shirt ("business casual") will be very appropriate.