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May 28, 2010 06:19 PM

Spanish Crepes - Tripas

A tiny little new crepe joint opened on the north side of Danforth, less than half a block from Donlands. It is called Tripas. The owner explained that tripas were a kind of crepe from Spain. The texture is a bit different, almost like a very thin waffle. I tried one and it was very tasty. The prices are modest and they have an espresso machine, but I haven't tried the coffee yet. It looks like it could be a nice addition to the neighbourhood. Apparently they are open afternoon and evening. Unusual.

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  1. Thanks, I will check this out soon. Is it east or west of Donlands, I've noticed new places on both sides?
    Ok I think I know the place, east of Donlands with cute white tilework. I'm surprised you caught them open, I walk by every day and have seen no signs of
    life. I will keep my eye out, our little strip is getting more interesting. Across the street at Sunshine Carribean there are also good roti and very satisfying curry goat, at good prices.

    1. As the saying goes - the devil is in the details!
      And you left out many.
      For example - thisisn't a restaurant - it's a take-out ONLY. Not even a single stool.
      Also, it only serves DESSERT crepes (or Tripas) - the standard stuff e.g nutella.
      So my trip, looking for a light savoury supper was a complete waste.
      No phone # either (that I could find - I tried to call first).

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      1. re: estufarian

        There are now two small tables. And nothing about the op said "rush out and try this spot for dinner" to me.

        1. re: julesrules

          I understand they just opened the day I walked in last week. The owner told me the seating and counters were coming ASAP. The decor, despite being incomplete, looked asthetically impressive to me, so Is suspect the limited seating will be nice too when it arrives. Ricardo also told me that more ingredient selection is coming eventually too. TIme will tell.

      2. I'm trying to figure out where, regionally, in Spain this comes from. In Castiallian "tripas" is a term for intestine and specifically refers the tube that connects the parts of a cow's stomach (same word means the same thing in Portuguese) so I'm guessing it's regional slang based on the fact that a rolled up crepe looks a little like the offal in question.

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        1. re: bytepusher

          ha! -- that's exactly what I found puzzling about the OP -- the offal or tripe association with the word "tripas". Just couldn't get my head around this place being all about crepes. Interesting guess as to the slang question but still.... who wants to think of their rolled up sweet crepe as offal?

          1. re: JamieK

            Funny I was thinking along the same lines. I passed by the place and noticed the logo which to me, looked like a rib rack. Strange.

        2. I wish they would post hours.

          If I were they, I'd probably add "spanish crepes" on the window. I live in the neighbourhood and we've all been joking about the new tripe place. We have no idea what they sell. That can't be good for business.

          1. This place is so weird. So much effort went into opening, what with the beautiful new tile facade that seemed to appear ovenight. And despite comments about the mystery name / product they do have pictures of the crepes up in the window. But now they need another sign to explain why they are never open. Granted we were away in July but I normally I walk by 2 - 4 times a day and I have seen them open maybe twice, back in early June. Did they give up before they even began? Has anyone else managed to try the crepes?

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            1. re: julesrules

              It gets even weirder...walked by this afternoon and the place has vanished. Sign gone from the window and overhead - like it never even existed. No real surprise but that has to be record - 3 months - holy cow!!!

              Anyways just thought I would share that little scoop.....