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May 28, 2010 05:31 PM

Edmonton Eats?

Anything, help... have to stay overnight in Edmonton. Staying near the airport but will need to be over near Southgate Centre mall later, so I would venture downtown if worth the trip. Only looking for a moderate priced place, nothing fancy. Are there any type of regional specialties here, and if so, where to find them. It's really amazing the sun stays out so long here.... but of course there were snow flurries this morning, May 28th!

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  1. Edmonton has a huge Ukrainian population and a few great Ukranian/Ukranian fusion restaurants.

    Culina Highlands is creative Ukranian fusion food. It also has good ambience, delicious food and everything is locally sourced. It's five minutes from downtown.

    Culina Millcreek is also good and on the southside.

    They are both very well regarded restaurants in Edmonton. You could also check out Skinny Legs and Cowgirls, but it's pricey.

    Culina Millcreek
    9914-89 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2S7, CA