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May 28, 2010 04:13 PM

What's going on with store bought French bread?

I've bought three loaves of French bread(the kind in the paper bags, open at one end) in the past two weeks at two different stores. I've previously purchased French bread from both of these stores and it has always been good quality - not the best bread I've ever had but good. These recent purchases have been a step away from white bread. No crisp crust, density more akin to white bread and if you took a rolling pin to it you wouldn't create any crumbs from the crust. Anyone else having similar bad luck?

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  1. You have to assess the bread while you're in the store. Squeeze it ever so gently through the wrapper to see if the crust is crispy. If the crust and the bread both feel spongy, move along.

    1. Check the label for hfcs - they may be adding it as a preservative, and it tends to make a more tender crust, as well.

      1. Albertsons super market's Culinary Corner French Style Baguette is really very very good, especially when they just came out of the oven. I usually rush home and put a piece of ham and cheese and I pretend I went to Paris!!!