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May 28, 2010 04:09 PM

Lundred Brown Short-Grain Rice at Costco

This is one of those topics for which Sam Fujisaka would have had the perfect answer. This morning I was at Costco for Kokuho Rose Rice. Next to it was Lundren's Brown Short Grain Rice. I'm leery of getting yet another rice for our community. Our guys love the Kokuho Rose and often have basmati. Has anyone tried the LundrenShort-Grain Brown Rice? It looks intriguing.

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  1. If it's Lundberg brown rice, it's part of a great family of rices. (We eat of a lot of the Lundberg Jubilee blend of brown rices, but enjoy the short-grain brown). If it's not Lundberg, then never mind!

    1. If you're talking about Lundberg rice, it's grown just up the road a piece from here. They're good stewards, using sustainable growing practices and getting organic certification for quite a bit of their stuff.

      As far as brown rices go, short-grain is my favorite; I like the nuttiness in a rice salad, and the grains don't get tough when they cool off. If your guys like brown rice, they'll like this stuff.

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        Thanks. I'll grab some next time I go shopping.