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May 28, 2010 03:52 PM

Roasting pans and racks

When,what and why do you roast on a rack as opposed to just in the pan. I should probably post this someplace else . . . . but I'll start here.

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  1. Actually, the Home Cooking Board may be a better spot for your post, but we'll see what the mods decide.

    I have roasted chickens and turkeys on a rack, but in lieu of using or buying a rack, I suggext using whole carrots, celery stalks, split garlic heads and halved onions to rest the birds on. The veggies are more flavorful than a rack for making stock for pan sauces after.

    Flipping the bird over, starting with the back side up, allows for even browning and roasting, no rack needed for air circulation. For rib roasts, I let the rib bones stand in as the rack. Honestly, I'm just not sure that racks are so necessary.

    Other posters may have different ideas.