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May 28, 2010 03:31 PM

Best Subs In The Valley

Had never heard of Jersey Mike's before. I ate one yesterday and it was far superior to Subway(junk), Quizno's (way overpriced), Art's (also junk) and Dan's (somewhat better than Arts).
None of the above can match an authentic Italian grinder made by authentic Italians like you can get back east.

Jersey Mike's
423 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

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  1. Try Dave's Chillin' and Grillin' in Eagle Rock or Papa Jake's on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills.

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    1. re: mrshankly

      What's the nearest cross street for Papa Jake's?

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        Just googled the place and they seem to be noted more for their Philly Cheese steak than for true Italian subs.
        If you want an excellent Philly Cheese Steak try South Street in Burbank. Superb with the hot or medium hot peppers. Try the onion rings, too.

      2. Roma Deli on North Lake has all the Italian you need, and Little Pietro's which is next door makes a pretty good sub. Claro's (multiple locations, but good neighborhood deli) will do in a pinch, too.

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          You HAVE to try Capriotti's in Encino. I am not a big fan of subs but loved my turkey sub from there. Warning: Even the small sub is big. I also tried the Capriotti's in BH, across from Neiman Marcus. They have a really good thing going. Easy parking at NM.

        2. Try DeFranko's Subs. DeFranko, hum, that sounds Italian. Check them out. I might even go there today.

          Defrankos Italian Sandwiches
          7532 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406

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          1. re: Burger Boy

            Thanks. I had forgotten about that place. Also remembered Matt & Tony's but not sure if they're still around.

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                satarno's in burbank is good too.

          2. Try Antidote on Vanowen & White Oak in Encino. They bake their own bread on premises, are very generous with their meat, and their subs are the best I've had in the valley so far. Much better than Jersey Mike's...and certainly on a par with Bay Cities, but you get a lot more meat on an Antidote sub. The sub shop is actually in back of the liquor store in front, and as far as ambiance goes, is nothing special at all, so I always get mine to go. I usually get an Italian sub, which is enough for 2 moderately hungry people, and the price can't be beat - $6.50.

            1. Try Santoro's and Taste Chicago (both in Burbank) for another comparison. The former isn't mentioned much here, and the latter gets mixed reviews. I like TC's Italian beef but haven't had their cold subs. Otto's Delicatessen, while not strictly Italian, may be worth a shot (haven't been there in a while).

              OTOH I was extremely unimpressed by South Street's philly steak - mediocre and overpriced.