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May 28, 2010 02:44 PM

McCall's in Los Feliz vs Huntington or Marconda's

Are the three of these fairly similar in price?

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  1. McCall's has more of a boutique, specialty store vibe. The selection is limited, but the meat and seafood is pristine and very high quality. The others are good, too, just a different experience.

    1. In my experience, the prices have been nearly identical. Huntington and Marconda have a greater variety ('tho I've no doubt that McCall's could come up with whatever you want given sufficient notice) but the butchering was superior at McCall's.

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      1. McCalls all the way- used to go to marconda's to get all my meat, then I had the 28 day dry aged bone in rib eye from McCalls and I officially am I convert. As a matter of fact I just had the bone in rib eye tonight for dinner