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May 28, 2010 02:37 PM


Fiddleheads are in season! Which restaurants serve them in Montreal? How are they best prepared by these restaurants?

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  1. when I bought some at Atwater market last year, the vendor told me to keep it simple. Just rinse well--like soak them for a few minutes in clean cold water--then drain them, and stir-fry them in some good olive oil, in which maybe you've also done some chopped garlic. Salt and pepper, maybe some herbs, Pierre's your uncle!

    1. just like bakersdelight said.

      I boil/blanch them, and serve with olive oil and salt and a little bit of lemon.

      1. Actually, I've never seen them served in a restaurant.
        If I wanted fiddleheads, I'd have to pick 'em myself, seems only recently they've gone mainstream to be found in various markets ($3-$5/lb). Also "season" is relative; when these puppies sprout, you have about a week before they're ferns. Pickers keep 'em refrigerated for the season.

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          you used to be able to find fiddleheads in frozen section of grocery stores in other provinces which was handy for those who dont get to the markets but I havent seen them in frozen packages anymore. I have never seen them in restaurants, are they in short supply is that why you have to hunt for sources...

          1. re: wilmagrace

            My guess is that no, they are not in short supply.
            I think their intense, short season is to blame for a few things. If you want fresh, never refrigerated fiddleheads, theres only a small window and if you miss it they're gone. Even then, being a non-cultivated item makes harvesting and widespread distribution and availibility difficult.
            For the frozen product, maybe its a case of supply and demand?
            Actually I saw them for sale at a Maxi last night, of all places. Didn't look very good or fresh though.

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              I was surprised to find them in the "Giant meatball" dish at Kazu.

              1. re: FoodNovice

                Ok, you HAVE to describe that Giant Meatball.

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            "Actually, I've never seen them served in a restaurant. "

            They were on the lunch menu (with morels) at the Sparrow about a week/10 days ago.

            I've also had them at Les Infidèles and (possibly, if memory serves) Bleu Raisin.

          3. I had an amazing fiddlehead and mango at Le Tour Du Chef on Park last week.

            1. Was at Piment Rouge last night and they had fiddleheads! They’re good at featuring seasonal produce and market seafood for daily specials. Per the manager, fiddleheads are called Jue Cai (蕨菜) in Chinese and they harvest several types of fiddleheads in the mountainous regions of China – Yunnan, Sichuan, etc. They offered it wok-tossed with several choices: with scallions and ginger only, or you can also add your choice of seafood (shrimp, scallops, abalone, fresh lobster, sea bass fillets or a combination). I chose scallions and ginger only - pic from my cellphone attached. It was delicious – lightly salted, crunchy, and you could still taste the grassy/green flavours of the fiddleheads with the ginger and scallions. They are renovating the restaurant, so we were seated in their banquet room - not as nice as the main dining room and service was on the slow side probably due to the longer distance to their kitchen, but the food was very good as usual. Curiosity got the better of me on my way out, so I took a peek in the main dining room – heavy construction zone... looks like a major upgrade is in the works.