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May 28, 2010 01:51 PM

Quan Shel Gai (Kwan Shel Gai) at the old China Dragon - Hooksett, NH

The China Dragon used to be a great Chinese restaurant in Hooksett, NH. Unfortunately, it's long gone. It was run by Harry Moy and his family. I believe Mr. Moy died in 2003.

A Cantonese dish my family enjoyed there was Quan Shel Gai (or Kwan Shel Gai). It was Number 22 on the menu. I'm not sure of the spelling. It contained sliced roast pork and breaded chicken or pork in a brown sauce, with mushrooms. On top was a pineapple slice and a tomato slice as garnish.

Where or how can I taste this dish again?

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  1. You might try an old style Chinese/Polynesian restaurant like Haluwa in Nashua, but when I googled the dish, the closest match was "Was Shel Silverstein Gay?"

    1. I was trying to find someone having recipes from the CD and found your query. Harry Moi (I think) once told my husband and me that we would judge all chinese food by the Dragon's. He was right. Never found anything anywhere as good, and we are always looking.

      1. Wow--I have such great memories of the China Dragon as a kid--loved it. Even went there after a prom! Since then I have had great Chinese food in NYC when I lived there and have also had delicious Chinese food in Boston. But is there ANY good Chinese food (especially vegetarian and fish) anywhere in NH--especially in the Seacoast area? I am willing to travel. Haven't found a place worth returning to in years.

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          I have friends that suggest Kowloon Chinese in Revere or Saugus Mass as their favorite whenever they travel to Boston they usually stop there and send their clothes back by UPS and order Chinese food from Kowloon and put that in their checked baggage sealed in zip lock bags of course,we live in Las Vegas, I don't go to that extent though I have found a few places that I like around here, and I have been making my own chinese for quite awhile now I make fried rice most of the time because that is what i am hooked on...