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May 28, 2010 12:29 PM

Huckleberry: Best Fried Chicken in LA - No, Most interesting - Maybe

Huckleberry was recently named as having the best fried chicken in LA by Bon Appétit. I just tried it and it's not even close to being the best. It's interesting though, certainly worth trying once. Bring a friend to split with, the portion is ridiculously large.

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  1. I'm not sure if there's anything "best" about Huckleberry. Herd behaviour, IMO.

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    1. re: jaykayen

      Claiming to be the best at anything makes one an instant target. And who knows what Bon Appétit did, where they went, and how many others they tried in their vetting process. I'm always skeptical but at the same time curious when I see these claims.

      I do think Huckleberry has improved markedly since they first opened. They've really dialed in on their offerings and I personally feel that they have some of the best bread in town right now. I think part of their success is herd behavior, but I'm not one for herds - I avoid them if at all possible. But with Huckleberry, I'm willing to weather the crowds for shot at their goods.

      1. re: bulavinaka

        HBerry bread rules! La Brea and Breadbar should be ashamed of the stuff they pump out to every restaurant in town.
        I guess I am part of the herd. I did not go when they opened, only in the last three months, after I tried the incredible fried egg sandwich and was blown away. That dense daily pizza-like flatbread is the very definition of umami. Weekend Green Eggs and Ham.
        I think, as the case is with so many places, the naysayers are naysaying prices and crowds not taste and quality. As a former New Yorker I am (he says with tongue partly in cheek) genetically disposed to high prices and large crowds as long as they come with wonderful taste and great quality :)

      2. re: jaykayen

        I have found no one in LA that can make their incredible daily flatbread ... chewy, crispy, crackly all at once. Great flavors!

      3. I just had it today as well (but take out, which is not the best way to sample fried chicken, IMHO). I thought it was FAR from the best fried chicken I've ever had (just had THAT two weeks ago at Jazz Fest in NOLA). I agree that it is interesting and huge. It has a very dense breading/coating, not overly greasy, and the chicken retained great flavor and moisture. Seemed to have a subtle, mild paprika-based spiciness. The crust and skin are like two different coverings, they don't meld as one, or they separated in the 15 minutes from HBerry to my office. It is a tasty meal, far better than Ralph's fried chicken - my previous Santa Monica fav - but still 2000 miles from Louisiana.

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          I had the fried chicken recently on a Thursday "Family Dinner Night." Thought it was terrific, still, my favorite is Ivy's. The primary reason I go to Huckleberry is for the turkey meatballs and the homemade English muffins. Both are worth the trip.