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May 28, 2010 11:52 AM

French Polynesia Suggestions

This summer, my wife and I will be in French Polynesia (specifically, Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora) to view the solar eclipse that takes place on July 11th. I have the impression that getting good food at reasonable prices in French Polynesia is asking for the impossible but I am still hopeful that some 'hounds will have suggestions about places we should give a try.

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  1. Talofa:

    My knowledge is of the Cooks, not specifically French Polynesia. Good food is not hard to find, but you will probably be surprised that a great deal of it is processed and/or frozen, not fresh. You also need to be VERY careful to check whether the reefs are infected with a certain bacteria. Many islands in Polynesia now have this bacteria, which if you are infected, WILL put you into hospital for 6 months in excruciating pain. Best to order or buy only pelagic (offshore) fish!

    Have fun!

    1. Elzoe, I was in Australia awhile back and had great food while there thanks to the help of some Sydney Chowhounders so I thumb through the Australia blog occasionally. I hope that you get this email before you leave for Tahiti. I was in Tahiti overnight and Moorea for a week a few years ago. There is a board on a website called that you should reference. It is really more for general questions, but you can check there for good restaurants on Moorea, in particular. Some favorites on Moorea were Mayflower, Les Cocotier (my favorite of all), Le Mahogany, and Les Tipaniers. These were all very good. Alfredo's and Allo Pizza are not as nice, but pretty good for where they are. The only place I ate on Tahiti was Le Belvedere. The food was just okay, but it is at the top of a long and winding road that you have to see to believe and has a spectacular view of Tahiti and Moorea from a mountaintop. You should go there for that reason alone. I don't recall any of these being particularly expensive; certainly not Tetsuya prices, for example. Happy to have returned a favor for a Sydney Chowhounder. Hope you have a great trip.