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May 28, 2010 10:01 AM

White Rose System - Highland Park

I've lived in this area pretty much all my life and have driven by the White Rose System in Highland Park about a bazillian times, but haven't tried it till today. I always hate it when I do this.

Overall, really good greasy lunch place. (I know all of us on this board don't always enjoy the finer simpler cuisines, but hey what can I say?).

I got the cali-bacon cheeseburger and a side of cheese fries.

The burger is sort of like an over sized white castle, but with better bread. Covered in a layer on steamed onions. There were like 4 or 5 thick, nicely crisp slices of bacon on my burger. Plenty of it, and it was tasty. I can say that the lettuce and tomato kind of overpowered the burger, so next time, I'm going to try a double bacon cheeseburger.. leave the healthy stuff off :-P

Apparently, this has been a local favorite and an RU hangout since like forever. I think this will become a regular lunch stop every other week or so. (Can't have too much grease, I'm round enough as it is!)

The only complaint I could squeeze out was that they only have soda in cans, so I had to get a second one, but it's only a buck a can, so it's no big deal.

White Rose System
154 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904

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  1. Hey, better late than never, right. I f**kin' love that grimey little joint. I've been devouring their cheeseburgers for 30 some years. Hell, it's my favorite place on the far side of the Driscoll and one of the only reasons I will voluntarily cross it. I'm not sure if I want to bless or curse you for making me think about the greasy burger lover's Valhalla.

    1. My first visit here circa 1976 and I still stop in whenever I'm in the area for breakfast. I just love their hash browns and the styrofoam coffee cups. Sorta reminds me of the White Towers in Pittsburgh and of course the White Castles in Jersey. If you see White in the name just go, always retro, always yummy, always a hole in the wall :D)

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      1. re: JerzeyShore

        Went by again today for lunch.. and yup.. its still awesome.

        Bacon Cheeseburger greatness, with fries covered in that neon yellow mecca of gooey fake-cheesy goodness..

        I wonder if it's BYOB?

        1. re: coldsolderjoint

          Although I've never thought of bringing drinks inside, I have sat in the car eating burgers and drinking beer from a styrofoam cup. You know, like a Highland Park cop.

          1. re: MGZ

            OMG! That place is still standing??? wow! I remeber going as a kid

          2. re: coldsolderjoint

            BYOB to White Rose would be funny...I think I can count on one hand the numbers of times I was actually sober while eating there.

        2. husband discovered White Rose System in 1982 when he was a student at Rutgers. It was his go to place after a late night of studying. The best part of his 1.25 hour commute now is that it takes him past the White Rose System again. He stops in at least once a month.

          White Rose System
          154 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904

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          1. re: GrOlive

            Ah ... the System. Too many childhood memories of caliburgers and pork roll and cheese. I truly miss that place. I grew up on the System, Tastee Subs and Mary's Pizza. :)

            1. re: bgut1

              I hear ya bgut1 tastee subs & zia lisa pizza ... ha those were the days

          2. oh man, love the white rose. It is legit fast food, they turn those burgers and fries out really, really quick! I am a fan of the cheese fries and I secretly love it when it gets cold and that bag of fries turns into a brick and I just rip the part apart and like carve into it.

            Only critisim i have is a thicker patty but I still love it overall.

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            1. re: jester99

              Ahh the System!! I lived a block away while going to MCC,the system ,tasty subs ,Marys pizza we lived on that stuff.I use to date one of the girls form there,,,she would come over smelling like a cheeseburger after work.Really good breakfast sandwich too

            2. Another thumbs up for THE SYSTEM! A few too many late nights, but great memories.
              HOO RAH! :-)