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May 28, 2010 09:00 AM

Best value sushi in the city?

Looking for that elusive balance of good bar seating, creative chef, pristine fish and great value (not the same as cheap, of course). Richmond, Sunset, Japantown would be ideal.

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  1. I'm not sure our criteria line up exactly (i may value low price more then you) but for value sushi I've been pretty happy with Godzilla Sushi on Divisadero and Bush.

    But I'm not fully satisfied so I'm excited to see what other options people come up with. Great question.

      1. re: intomeat

        I think this link is "offtopic". The replies in that thread mostly discuss high end sushi (Sebo etc. costing over $60 pp) and then people make the argument that it's so awesome it's really cheap. Also, it's three years old.

        That's not the answer I'm hoping for.

      2. My wife liked Ace Wasabi and the value comes in because she won a $20 gift certificate in one of their games.

        1. I would recommend Tokyo-Go-Go on 16th, especially for happy hour.

          Also, Sushi Zone, but you'll oftne pay for the savings in price in wait time.

          1. After some online reconnaissance, I've narrowed in on Okina Sushi on Arguello, with a reservation (tiny place, so a must) at the bar (where else to watch a sushi master at work). Chef/owner Akio-san was very friendly on the phone, but when I confirmed that they don't take credit cards and asked if there is a single fixed price for omakase, he assured me that he would prepare something very reasonably priced--and many reviews have noted the great quality-to-price ratio--but I couldn't quite get a dollar figure out of him. Surely, once there, it's acceptable to ask the price for the omakase before ordering, but what about ordering omakase and asking that it be limited to $X per person?

            Okina Sushi
            776 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118