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May 28, 2010 08:39 AM

Best Chicken and Waffles in Austin

I live near Barton Springs Pool but will travel around Austin for good food. I intend to try 24 Diner sometime soon and seeing Chicken and Waffles on their menu has made me wonder who has the best (or at least good) Chicken and Waffles in Austin. So, that's the question:

Who has the best Chicken and Waffles in/around Austin?

I'd prefer to go somewhere in town, especially in/around downtown, but anything within a 50-mile radius will be considered.

Any insight you can provide is appreciated.


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  1. So far, Paggi House has been my favorite. It was a Sunday brunch when I had them. The chicken had that kind of yummy sweet crust like Chick-Fil-A (it's the only flavor I can think of to compare it to!) and it is a boneless thigh on top of a yummy, fluffy waffle served with a side of sausage. Oh man, it was goooood!

    Paggi House
    200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

    1. Max's Wine Dive is downtown and serves up a formidable chicken & waffles (on the weekends, i believe)

      Max's Wine Dive
      207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

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        Thanks. I did not expect to hear either of those but they make sense considering all of the other good things I've heard about both Paggie House and Max's Wine Dive.

        Max's Wine Dive
        207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

      2. Sorry, I have yet to find a place that serves decent chicken & waffles here in Austin. However; if find yourself in Houston please visit the The Breakfast Klub on Travis. The Belgian waffle can stand on its own, but the chicken was probably the best fried chicken I've ever had. Perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection. There is always a long line which moves really fast....everything that I have ever ordered at this place is great and the service outstanding.

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        1. re: jayshep

          omg I love the Breakfast Klub. Although it can sometimes take a while. Things move fast, but definitely plan on a wait.

          In our post-Tony's Southern Comfort universe, amazing chicken & waffles are hard to come by.

          1. re: jayshep

            Yep, thus far, The Breakfast Klub have been the best chicken and waffles I have had in Texas. My only (really minor) complaint is that they use Caro syrup. I prefer maple or cane syrup to corn syrup, but even with corn syrup, I lick that plate clean!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Lucky J's has some really delicious fried chicken. They have two options there - order a few pieces of the chicken with a waffle or two, or get their "waffle tacos," which is a fried chicken strip in a rolled up waffle.

              Both are tasty, but since the chicken is the best thing there, I recommend the former over the latter.

              1. re: heyzeus212

                Stay away from Lucky J's. Read the reviews on Yelp.