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May 28, 2010 08:20 AM

Breakfast - Delaware County - near Blue Route

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to find a good breakfast spot? I'm looking for someplace good roughly half way between Wynnewood and Glen Mills. Thanks!

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  1. basically nothing within your parameters. Breakfast in Delco is a very poor endeavour

    1. Have you tried the Country Squire diner on 3 between 476 & 320? It might fit the bill.

      1. you could go into ardmore/wayne area where there are alot of breakfast spots.

        -Nudy's/silverspoon/minellas are in wayne
        -Ardmore station cafe/ruby's/corner bakery are in ardmore

        all accessible to the 476 exit by nova. i know you stated delco, but wynnewood is very close by to those areas.


          See link above, we love Ming's Coffee shop in drexel's no frills but really good and satisfying food, coffee and juice for not a lot of money. They're closed Mondays, I think, and if you're going on the weekend get there around 9ish to be seated promptly...easy street meter parking, fast friendly service and take out as well.

          1. Nudy's in Wayne is awesome, bear right off rt 30 right near the kmart
            In Wynnewood on Sat and Sunaday, Sam's Grill----excellent potatoes