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May 28, 2010 08:19 AM

Looking for good NY type calzone

Any recommendations on where to get good, NY style calzone in the Bay Area? Am located in Walnut Creek and willing to drive to get them!! Thanks for the help.

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  1. Can you describe the style of calzone you're looking for?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Sure, classic cheese calzone. Parmesan and mozzarella with sauce on the side.

      1. re: 3crazydogs

        Far for you,but best to me calzones(the NY/Neapolitan type I grew up with)are at A Slice of New York in San Jose.They are the classic recipe,filled with ricotta,mozzarella and parmesan as opposed to the CA versions with various fillings.They are baked instead of fried.Their pizza and cannoli are really good too.

        1. re: casalbore spirit

          Thanks, I'll add it to the list to check out next time I'm down there.
          Glad to hear that they're baked - fried calzones just seem all wrong.

          1. re: 3crazydogs

            I hear you,from a health standpoint...but actually the fried ones are my favorite.I remember my summers at my Grandmother's in Boro Park,Brooklyn when Lenny's and Gino's on 13th Ave and La Festa di San Gennaro in Manhattan only served them fried.They used to also put Italian ham in them that just picked up the flavor and added the right saltiness to the cheese.They evolved into the baked ones as people became more health conscious.Hope you enjoy A Slice of New York's version.

    2. A Slice of New York is what first came to mind to me too, although I've not tried their calzones yet - their meatball subs are a thing of wonder. Just be aware it's a tiny, mostly takeout place, with about 4 seats inside and a few tables outside. If you're driving from Walnut Creek for this, you'll want to do this on a nice day!


      A Slice of New York
      3443 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95117

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      1. re: mdg

        Looking forward to trying it!
        I was at La Festa di San Gennaro last year - no calzones. Every other stand was sausage and peppers sandwiches. Not that I don't like sausage and peppers but that was the dominant food. I also remember going there as a child and was disappointed when I went as an adult as it was pretty commercial. The same vendors that were selling touristy junk at other street faires had taken up residence in Little Italy. The only way to get any decent food was to get out of the festival area and find a table at a restaurant. There were some good zeppoles though - i could go for a bag of those right now...

      2. You might try Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub, 3-4 locations in Oakland/Berkeley. I had a couple of bites of one and it was tasty. It's NY-style. Friendly staff.

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        1. re: ML8000

          Definitely close to home - thanks.

          1. re: ML8000

            La Festa di San Gennaro has really morphed into a commercial street fair.My last time there I remember seeing Korean food and Jamaican patties,lots of people selling crafts and non-essential,non-Italian items.Thank God you can still get the bag of hot zeppole w/powdered sugar.Wish we could have a San Gennaro Festa in the Bay Area but he is a Neapolitan Saint and this area was settled by Piemontese,Ligurians (Genovese)and Tuscanese..

            1. re: casalbore spirit

              Just have to find the right Genovese and Tuscan saints and its off to the party! Re: the zeppole - they are as good as you remember them. Especially when the powdered sugar melts on them when they're fresh out of the fryer so you get a layer of melted powdered sugar covered by a layer of cool powdered sugar, damn good.

              1. re: casalbore spirit

                I thought La Festa looked pretty good when Vito offed Don Fanucci.

                1. re: wolfe

                  Ha!Loved your observation!My grandparents fresh off the boat from Italy and Ellis Island lived in that area during the era when the movie was supposed to have taken place.My grandfather,by himself as a young man, followed my grandmother and her parents from their little mountain town,'cause he was in love with her.Ten kids followed!

              2. re: ML8000

                Doesn't Lanesplitter include sauce in the filling?

                1. re: Robert Lauriston


                  Traditional Cheese Calzone
                  Filled with ricotta, mozzarella, and our delicious homemade red sauce

                  Vegan* Calzone
                  Filled with our Notta Ricotta®, spinach, onions, and our delicious homemade red sauce

                2. re: ML8000

                  I like the calzones there, but I don't know what "new york style" is. Sauce is usually inside, toppings available. Worth a shot. You can also jaw with the staff, since they make a variety of crusts, they might be able to make whatever you've got in mind.

                3. looks like you and me are hunting for the same thing


                  i've tried dopo. didnt like it, but it could be because i got the special and didnt like the ingredients. ditto with gypsy's, although, like lanesplitter, im willing to go back. i tried a stromboli at parry's pizza in american canyon. may want to try their calzone. i think you may like it.

                  Parry's Pizzeria
                  234 American Canyon Rd, American Canyon, CA 94503

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                  1. re: majordanby

                    Thanks for the tip on Parry's - I'll check it out. If I run across anything outstanding I'll let you know. I think I'm going to have to schedule a trip to visit my Grandmother in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn to scratch this calzone itch.

                  2. The best I've had in the Bay Area can be found at Lucia's on Woodside Rd. in Redwood City. They're loaded with meat, cheese and veg and are built for two. Be sure to ask them to make it 'well done' to get the crunchy, blistered crust which, for me, makes a calzone. Otherwise, you may get a too-doughy crust.

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                    1. re: ChewChew

                      May be good but to the OP question that's not a NY style calzone.The various fillings is what has morphed into a CA calzone.Maybe more like a stromboli?