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May 28, 2010 07:59 AM

andouille sausage search

Doing a lobster bake next week and I'm looking for quality andouille sausage. I live in Exton, PA. I realize I could find the stuff in Philly, but does anyone know of a place within a reasonable distance to where I am where I could get the stuff. Thanks.

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  1. try Wegman's - our local one sells Hartman's at the Deli counter and another brand in the hot dog /bacon section that is made with poultry but the texture and seasonings are well done but I prefer their chorizo

    1. Two places I'd definitely look into, both in the Kennett area: Country Butcher and Talula's Table . They both make their own sausage in several varieties.

      1. Leidy's makes an andouille locally. I haven't tried it, but am curious if it is good.