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May 28, 2010 07:32 AM

Pizza place opening on City Hall Plaza

The Quiznos on City Hall Plaza has closed, and a sign in the window advertises that Big Guy's Pizza will be opening soon, selling "gourmet pizza" by the slice and salads. A menu is also in the window. Could be interesting...

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  1. Since when was there a Quiznos in Center Plaza? The only food places I am aware of in Center Plaza are:

    Burger King
    Super Salad

    and then on the other side, Cafe Latino and Zo

    are you thinking where the Pressed Sandwiches used to be?

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    1. re: Gordough

      There is (was) a Quiznos across from City Hall, between the Planet Fitness and Starbucks. Also a Bostonone Pizza opening soon on BatteryMarch & Water St. The original sign on the window said February, but the ovens are in, so I can't imagine it'll stretch to July.

      City Hall Cafe
      695 Main St, Fitchburg, MA 01420

      1. re: Gordough

        I changed the topic from "Government Center Plaza" to "City Hall Plaza" to be clearer.

      2. I saw this on the EveryBlock site a couple of weeks ago--was wondering what the deal was with the place.

        1. I tried out the new Big Guy's....and yes, it's on City Hall Plaza. It's pretty darn good...I tried the Buffalo Chicken and it was fantastic! There's not really many other pizza places in the area. They also have salads and wraps which look pretty good too.

          1. anyone else tried this place? I've walked by a couple of times. Would be nice to have a good place to buy a slice in the area.

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            1. re: jdoc

              I work next door to it but I can't bring myself to try it out with Harmarket Pizza being nearby and having $1.25 slices.

              1. re: Kinopio

                So Haymarket pizza is still open? I hadn't been in at least a year and tried going on Saturday but the place was locked up tight at around 3:30. Ended up next door at the falafel place for a slice but of course it wasn't the same.

                Blackstone St, Boston, MA

                1. re: mtm7654

                  Haymarket was on vacation last week - saw a sign saying they were re-opening today, 8/31.

                  I was met with closed grates last Thursday, hoping to buy a pizza dough for $1. Pescatore sold me for $2, and it was definitely worth the extra buck - really excellent classic pizza dough, even better than Haymarket.

                  As for Big Guy's pizza, I took a walk in today - they have slices of cheese for $2.50, specialty slices for $3.50. I dunno - maybe just my mood, but they did not look good, but I did not sample and I thought $2.50 for a slice of cheese was pretty high - maybe because the staff did not look very happy and overworked - I'd swear it's some of the same crew from Quizno's. The inside has been prettied up a bit - there is a pleasant chalkboard display with daily specials - Tuesdays, all subs $4. Just kind of struck me as amateur night. One co-worker had a slice and was very meh about it.

                  158 Boston Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

                  Blackstone St, Boston, MA

            2. Finally tried it yesterday. Had two slcies, once chees, one pepperoni. Nothing special, unfortunately. Might go back and try a sub ($4 on Tuesday sounds like a pretty good deal).

              Got a flier for another new pizza place opening in the Financial District - Pavia on Water Street (space used to be a Boloco, I think). WIll give it a try.

              Water Street Cafe
              25 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

              82 Water St, Boston, MA 02109