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Jul 8, 2005 03:16 AM

Mexican near San Bernardino / Ontario

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I'm looking for a nice Mexican restaurant near San Bernardino. Anywhere in between Ontario airport to San Bernardino would probably work. This would be for a business type lunch, so something with a nice setting would be great too. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Also to the Chowhound team - sorry I accidentally posted it in the CA board, and then stupidly reposted again to the CA board, so my apologies.

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  1. c
    Charles Belleville

    It's slim pickings in the Inland Empire. I reckon that places like Rialto, Colton, and San Bernardino where there's a bit more Mexican population have some taquerias but I never found much.

    A bit east of San Berdoo, in Mentone, there's a great little Yucatan place, Casa Maya. It's your typical unremarkable Mexican decor in a strip mall so maybe not ideal for business but the food is quite good.

    Of special note is that they have some surprising soft tacos. I heartily recommend the cochinita pibil (pork in spicy, not pastor, sauce with pickled onions) and their incredible lamb tacos. Best to hit the place in the early afternoon for happy hour with $2 beers and the large $2 soft tacos. About the only really exceptional and unexpected Mexican I found when I lived out that way.

    Mentone is north of Redlands. Get off the 10 in Redlands (try the Orange St. exit) and head just north of the fwy to Lugonia. Turn right (east) and keep going until you hit the odd little town of Mentone. It's on the North side of Lugonia (although I think it's Mentone Bl or some state hwy at that point.)

    A not-too-well-written or knowledgeable review can be found here:

    That may provide an address or phone #.

    If you don't make it for business and you live out there definitely go have a lamb taco and some Bohemia with the house chips n' salsa.

    Oh, avoid Guadala Harry's on Hospitality row in San Bdo at all costs.

    1. Casa maya is the ONLY authentic place I've found in the whole area. All other places have just tacos and burritos with cheddar cheese and canned sauce, yuck. Even places the locals recommend aren't that tasty unless you like taco bell style.

      1. The original post was from 2005 so I'm sure he's already had his business lunch by now.

        1. Also Casa Maya is not a place for a business meal. Las Campanas in the Mission Inn would be a much better choice.