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May 28, 2010 07:03 AM

John's Meat Market

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I will never purchase steak or whatnot from anywhere else from here on out. Picked up two prime dry aged ribeyes from John's last weekend, and cooked em up on the grill and it was as good as Luger's. I never thought I'd be able to replicate an NYC style steak experience in my backyard in Jersey, but as Rod from Luke's Kitchen in Maplewood likes to say, 80% of cooking is done at the store.

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  1. Oh, it's in Scotch Plains.

    1. I do get annoyed that they don't have prices on the meat, and they get a bit of an attitude if you ask how much something is per pound.

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        There's an Italian Bakery/Deli, in Northvale, that I have been to that employs the same business practice and attitude. I hate to admit his products are excellent, but regardless of how good they are, after two or three visits of such treatment, I can no longer walk into his place or recommend to anyone. The last visit was the final straw. I ordered some butter cookies and one large Panella bread.......the tab was$19 and change, just under $20. Shocked by the bill, I asked him how much per pound the cookies were and the cost of the bread.......$14/lb for the cookies and $4.75 for the bread...........Balthazar is less expensive.

        BTW.....I have heard good things about this market, and if not mistaken, it's a favorite of Mr. Fox, aka (hotdoglover).......According to, his meats are very good, but I can get his smoked products from the original source......Kocher's, which is much closer to me.

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          They do have great steaks, their Italian Wedding soup is very good as well-but you feel like you're getting screwed to a greater or lesser extent if you're buying from the meat counter. The prime oyster cut London Broil is killer, though.

      2. I live nearby and have never heard of John's Meat Market, is this a butcher shop? I was raised in an old NYC neighborhood so it would be cool to have one around.

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          John's is angled across the street from The Stagehouse and The Tavern. Right on Park Ave. We go there when we want to splurge or want to make really good hamburgers.

        2. I was planning my 4th of July feast that included a smoked brisket (the whole brisket). Not an easy cut to find without ordering. I called Barth's butcher shop in New Providence and they told me yes they have one. I asked that they put it aside for me and I would be there shortly. When I got there I was told that they had had 3 of them that morning but that someone came in and took them all. To their credit, they were very sorry for me but I left without the brisket. On my way home I stopped at John's. Just so happens they had ordered a "couple of extra" and I was in luck. It was exactly twice the price as the cut from Barth's, but I can't begin to tell you how delicious this beef was when it was done. 11 lbs. of succulence.

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            JNK--what is your method for smoking the brisket?

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              I pretty much followed "Woodburner's" instructions on the Home Cooking and Cookware boards. He uses the modified minion method of creating a ring of briquets and putting some hickory on it along the way. Keeping the temp around 225f. If handled properly, the burn should last about 8-10 hrs then you wrap it up in foil and finish it off in the oven @ 225f until the point gets to 200f, then lower the temp of the oven to 200f until the thickest part of the brisket gets to 200 f. My total time from putting the brisket on the weber until I finished cutting it was 15-1`6 hrs and that was for a whole brisket with a starting weight of 12 lbs. For the rub I used a little mustard, salt, perpper, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder. It was absolutely incredible.

          2. Buyer BEWARE at John's. Prices are not posted and I know of at least 5 people that will not return that have been ripped off including myself. Horror stories of being taken advantage of. Use extreme caution. I took my business and my friends to Barth's, they are the best around have good quality and are reasonable. Ask for Jimmy and tell em Wayne sent you.

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              I fully understand and appreciate your concerns and final opinion and regard of John's in this policy...but the onus is always on the customer to ask for the prices if it is not posted and if it is a matter of concern for you. You would get no argument from me that prices should be posted, but it is apparent there are stores and restaurants out there that do not feel the same.

              Let's say for instance you decide to order a thee pound porterhouse to throw on the backyard grill. The butcher processes your order and tells you that will be $89.97, an extension of ($29.99 per pound). You pony up $90. How exactly did he rip you off. You paid....all while having the option of asking him the price per pound beforehand, before you paid and last, decline the purchase and voting your displeasure with a walk out the door.

              Customer Service and satisfaction aside.....the only one who took advantage of anyone is yourself, and it was done to yourself, the buyer, for not having the balls to stand up and make a decision. They did not force you to order and pay.