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May 28, 2010 05:33 AM

Midtown Kosher Food Carts : Moshe's vs Kosher Oasis

Was in midtown yesterday around 1pm (Rock Ctr ) . I always try to get a falafel at Moshe's cart on 46th and no matter at any time of day there is always a huge line . I saw the Kosher Oasis cart on 47th with no line .... well big mistake.... other than the fact that they sell more meal items
the hot dog was served from tepid brown warter- the fries took forever to fry & were limp & the soda case wasn't iced up. $7.00 & i wasn't happy... Went to the Moshe Cart for dessert ......
waited a few min & ordered 4 falafel balls with techina
That hit the spot. The Moshe cart always comes through.

BTW - down 46th street I saw (not kosher) Waffle Truck-WOW now thats a business

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