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Scenic Drive to a Tavern or Inn near NYC?

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Hi - my girlfriend and i are interested in taking a scenic drive outside the city on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, perhaps ending up an a nice rustic Inn or Tavern or old stone Farmhouse. Does anyone have a recommendation? Somewhere 45 minutes or an hour outside of the city? Thank you!

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      Although I love all things Peter Kelly, his venues aren't particularly rustic (Restaurant X is the "rusticest", but no scenic drive involved). As someone else suggested, Bird and Bottle might fit the bill, or maybe Crabtree's Kittle House http://www.kittlehouse.com/history-ki.... I like Peter Pratt's in Yorktown, but they are only open for dinner.

      1. Iron Forge Inn in Warwick. I'm not sure if it will perfectly fit into the hour time frame, but the food is well worth it.


        Iron Forge Inn
        Iron Forge Rd, Bellvale, NY 10912

        1. Some of my standard favorites are The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, CT serving lunch on Saturdays, Vox in North Salem, NY, serving lunch on Sundays, and I'll echo Crabtree Kittle House in Chappaqua. Thomas Henklemann in Greenwich is very nice (a bit stuffy) as is L'Escale on the water in Greenwich. And let's not forget Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Not all fit your request 100 percent, but they're worth a try.

          1. Bedford Post Inn Farmhouse in Bedford is very expensive, but is well worth it, especially the tasting menu. The food is outstanding and the surroundings are just what you require

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              And I think you can stay at the farmhouse in Bedford too, should you decide to make a night of it!

            2. Tavern in Garrison at the Highlands Country Club! The room we ate in fit the name, quite tavern-like.