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How to eat salami

I just got some Columbus salami and a package of soppressata from a friend. I haven't really had real salami before, and I'm not too sure how to eat it. I tried a few slices, and it's too salty to use in a sandwich. The only way I can think of to use it is in antipasti, putting a few thin slices on tiny pieces of toast with a bit of mozzarella and some basil. Ideas please.

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  1. You can slice it paper thin and make crisps out of them by laying onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Put in a 350F. degree oven for about 10-15 minutes depending on your oven and allow the slices to crisp up like a potato chip. Remove from oven, blot with a paper towel and allow to cool. Meanwhile make a topping of chopped roasted red bell pepper, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and shredded fresh basil. Spoon onto the salami chips & serve. You can make up any combination you would for an antipasti tray for these. Great for appetizers & general snacking...

    also, you can add slices to a pizza or mix with dough for a salami bread.

    1. I eat it just as it is - as starter, with pickles, olives & bread.

      My current pickle of choice is a wild vegetable which the brother in law brought back from Mallorca. He advised all it needed was to be washed, dried and preserved in white wine vinegar. I have absolutely no idea what it is - the BiL translates it from the Mallorcan as "sea asparagus" but that's what I'd normally call samphire - and it's not that (although it looks slightly similiar - stalky but flat). Whatever it is, the crunch and the vinegary preserve make a good contrast with the fattiness of the sausage.

      1. Use salami:
        Sliced and combined on an antipasto platter with an assortment of cheeses and other salami, sliced tomatoes, pickled vegetables, etc. Slice fresh crusty Italian bread and have a small bowl of EVOO and either red wine vinegar or Balsamico to ladle over.
        Cubed and cooked into a fritatta
        Sliced in a sandwich with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, hot pepper relish
        Cubed and added to either a fresh tomato sauce or a pasta salad

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          ^^What my auntie said!!!^^

          I especially love salami with prosciuttini (peppered ham) on a quality hard roll with pepperoncini and provolone. I just try not to eat it so often now (cholesterol, dammit).

          I just used sopressata at the base of a lovely salad I made over the weekend with a goat ricotta salata and a champagne hazelnut vinaigrette. It truly rocked. Pics here--I know you didn't think you wanted a salad, but have a look and see if this doesn't change your mind...especially if you can pick your own lettuce or grab it from a farm stand!

          Salami is also fun to roll up with cheese or peppers and just MANGIA!

        2. Whenever I splurge on fennel salami, I end up eating it by itself. I might have some fruit or a little chunk of good bread after. That's it, because it's so good I just can't imagine combining it with other food and not experiencing just that flavor and texture. Good stuff! I love sopressata too.

          1. Pro tip: make sure to wash it off thoroughly with hot water before you eat it.

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              what kind of pro gave that advice? i LIKE the salty flavor of salami -- that's part of the point with something so fatty.

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                Who knows where that salami has been?

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                  You mean wash the exterior of the whole "sausage", not wash slices?

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                    Never, in all my years, did I Ever hear that the salami should be washed before slicing and serving. The casing or "skin" is removed before eating. But washing? Never.

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                      I not only would never wash it, I'd never remove the skin, either. It can be a right faff to try and do so.

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                        I know what you mean, Harters, but I have encountered inedible casing which is easy to remove by a quick slice with a paring knife and then peeled. My mother did it and so do I if I feel I need to. Artisan salami at that.

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                        I never remove the casing or skin on any salumi that is a product of Italy. There is never a need to.

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                          Whatever floats your boat. You guys clearly have more experience eating salami than I do.

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                            I've been eating salumi since I started on solid foods! Really. And I'm 49 now. Coming from a huge Italian-American family, this is pretty much the norm.

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                      "Pro tip: make sure to wash it off thoroughly with hot water before you eat it."

                      What????? My Italian grandparents are turning over in their respective graves!

                    3. Salami and scrambled eggs

                      Here's some ideas from the Columbus site

                      Actually, I just like it slice thin or cubed and served with cheese. A few pieces added to a salad is nice as well.

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                        Salami and scrambled eggs was gonna be my suggestion, too. When I have these at a deli they're always way too salty, I guess because they salt the eggs as they do for serving plain, so when they add salami or lox the salt level hits the roof. So I always prefer having these things at home.

                        There are lots of great cheeses to have with salami that are not salty, my favorites being the Swiss-style, either Emmentaler or Gruyere. Jarlsberg and Comté are two good variants, and the Alpine Lace "baby Swiss" is good too. And slices of baguette and unsalted butter...!

                      2. oh this stuff is fattening, but what isn't? I love it in minestroni soup or pizza. Of course salad. Thinly sliced, on sourdough with mustard. It's a staple in our house.

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                          It's the pizza crust and sourdough that are fattening, not the salami.

                          I eat salami by itself or with thin smears of Dijon mustard, or I chunk it up and put it in a salad.

                        2. I have a serious addiction to salami and don't even allow myself to look at that shelf as I pass by in Fairway. But once or twice a year, when fava beans are in season, I allow myself an antipasto (I make a meal of it) from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook called Salami with Raw Favas, Mint, & Manchego Cheese--which just about says everything you need to know.


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                            No, it's not everything -- the other part is YUM!!

                          2. I like to make open-faced sandwiches with just one or two slices of salami, a thin layer of cream cheese, and cucumber slices. I think the cucumber and cream cheese counteract the saltiness of the salami quite well.

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                              We do something similar - we put a small dab of cream cheese in the center of each piece of thin salami, roll it up, pop in mouth. Sometimes we add a little mustard or sriracha or preserves to the inside before rolling it up. Yum!

                            2. Hot salami, mushroom and cheese sandwich. Pre-cook the mushrooms and slice them thin

                              Press it somehow. I use a George Forman grill.

                              1. Below is a link to my favorite Garbage Grinder Sandwiches. Perfect time of year for them with fresh onions coming on. I know I saw some Walla Walla Sweets at our local Farmers Market last week.


                                1. Sittin' on a rock on top of a mountain, slice off a chunk along with some good cheddar cheese, sourdough french bread and some red wine... great backpacking lunch.

                                  1. My favorite way to eat Salami is in a really, really simple sandwich.

                                    White bread, a couple slices of Salami, a couple slices of ham, lettuce, mayo. Don't pile the meat high - just a few slices will do the job. Love this sandwich to death.

                                    1. Hold it in your hand and bite off chunks like an ice pop! (I have been know to do this in private moments.)

                                      But seriously...salumi (the Italian generic word for cured meats) should be eaten thiny sliced with a piece of thinly slice bread and some cheese; parmagianno reggiano, cacio cavallo (or provolone) and mozzarella are three of my faves.

                                      1. How about salami and eggs? You fry the salami slices first to crisp them up a bit same as you would bacon. Then remove the salami pieces and scramble eggs in the salami fat or butter or oil. Add the salami mid way through to the scrambled eggs. Yes they get cooked together.

                                        Home fries on the side and toast