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May 27, 2010 08:57 PM

Best Roast Chicken in paris?

I imagine there are many choices. We will be staying near Notre Dame but are happy to walk far. I am a roast chicken fanatic and just hope to have a very good one while in Paris. Thanks so much.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. For several months Daniel Rose served roast Coucou de Rennes at his (now closed) Table 28. Whether he will do so again occasionally at the new Spring is anyone's guess but it was the best I've had in Paris and I eat rotiss'd chicken almost every week from three fine rotisseries nearby. I agree totally with Soup that l'Ami Louis's is pretty good but as we've also beaten into the ground, I think it's way overpriced as a resto not a dish.

        1. Rotisserie d'en Face and Rotisserie du Beaujolais are an easy walk, and you might luck out. Because of the many fine rotisserie shops in Paris, the French seem to have a price range for Poulet Roti/frites that doesn't even approach the wholesale cost of one the great chicken breeds available in France. I have had some superb roast chicken in Paris, and have also been served reheated Poulet Roti, at the same place (Balzar). Bacause most people are unwilling to put up with the long wait for this dish to be prepared from scratch, as with Confit de Canard, the dish is almost always reheated to some degree. I think that is why souphie says roast chicken is usually over done. So arrive early, and hope you get lucky.

          1. Had a very good one at Le Petite Pontoise nearby in the 5th, but have had very good ones from the street. Best one from Marche Baudoyer near Hotel de Ville and also good ones from the Charcuterie on Rue St. Antoine near the St. Paul metro .Pack the Lipitor and spring for the potatoes cooked down below in the drippings (Baudoyer had delightful little numbers that must have been carved out with a melon-baller.) Wish I tried the chicken at Beaujolais.. had the lamb shoulder for two... not a lot of prime bites on the one we had...

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              Too bad that the original 1st post to this thread was taken down.

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                Was that Souphie's wonderful diatribe on chickens in Paris and to cook at home?

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                    By popular demand and to comply with the moderators' request, I moved that post to the home cooking board:

                    Of course.

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                      That explains why I seem to be responding to a ghost message. Very erudite post Soup.

                      Seems to me the restaurant reference(s) - ie l'Ami Louis - belong here though.

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                        "Seems to me the restaurant reference(s) - ie l'Ami Louis - belong here though."

                        And also Soup's recommendation that one shops at Desnoyer.

                        Unless one can shop at Desnoyer world wide, Desnoyer in Iowa, Desnoyer in Shenzen.

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                          Quite agree. Desnoyer is Left Bank -terra incognita for me and I was glad of the tip.

                          Vive la toile deux virgule zero.

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                            We followed Soup's instructions - the instructions with the recommended chicken sources in Paris, which the mods had moved out of the France board, - and made a roast chicken that would have done Soup proud. The chicken was from a farmer in the market of Villefranche de Rouergue who himself was a chicken expert, since he sold nothing but 6 perfect looking chickens regarding which the chicken coroner would have said: I believe the chicken had died not long ago and had led a happy well-fed existence…