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Renegade Cafe?

I was just perusing Noca's schedule and noticed that there is an upcoming Guest Chef Dinner with Robert McGrath of Renegade Cafe?

Is there such a place? Being a big fan of the old Roaring Fork, I am very intrigued if this is a new place....

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  1. I heard it was supposed to open in mid-March.

    1. Yes, it has been in the works for some time (Shea east of 90th St). Last I heard was an expected March opening, as John noted, but as of a few weeks ago, it is still not open. Website says soon.

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        I drove by it the other day and it looks like it's getting close. I ran into someone last night who is involved with Renegade Canteen and they mentioned that they're just a few weeks away.

      2. Looks like it's open, judging from its website.

        Renegade Canteen
        9343 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

        1. http://www.renegadecanteen.com/

          Renegade Canteen
          9343 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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            Yeah, except for that "Opening Soon!!" part :^)

            I'm sure the local press will be all over the opening. Checking the county website, it seems like they're going to need at least one more inspection.

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              Robert says that they are opening on Monday June 14th...

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                ....and so does the website ;-P

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              Wow that's close to us, I hadn't heard of its opening previously. Might try it tomorrow.

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                Have been to Renegade Canteen twice since they have opened. I too live in the neighborhood. The restaurant is a total transformation from the previous restaurant. I love the decor and the open wine cellar/storage/display in the center. The bar area is inviting and was packed for Happy Hour. I think most people arrived between 4 and 5 to take advantage of the bar menu and special pricing. The dining room is decorated in a dark wood w/ beautiful lighting, mirrors and booths along the wall. Reservations are a must...as every table/booth was full @ 6pm. The servers are well versed in the menu and service was well executed. Everything flowed well. The food was as well done as the decor. We ordered a bottle of tempernillo which our waiter immediately poured a taste then decanted in a beautiful vessel on the table. 3 of us shared the Wedge Salad which was more than ample, along w/ a basket of warm jalapeno sourdough and pumpernickle rolls (herbed compound butter) For entrees I had the rack of lamb and creamed spinich (nightly special) which was cooked to order, It was tender, and delicious, the other 2 entrees we ordered were the filet w/ green chili mac and cheese and the catfish. Our other visit to Renegade was for lunch in the Bar area where we had the flat bread and 'Bob's Big Burger'....both were terrific. I definitely see this place as 'great' adddition to the neighborhood. With Robert McGrath's reputation and the quality of food and service they have provided in their first 2 weeks....this place will do well! I look forward to returning!

                Renegade Canteen
                9343 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

            2. We arrived at 4:45 on the first Friday night after Renegade opened, thinking we would partake of happy hour in the bar. Wrong -- the bar was packed in the same manner as Roaring Fork used to be in its heyday. However, there was no problem obtaining a table in the dining room, although if we had arrived half an hour later it might have been a different story. Service was outstanding, as the manager, server, busboys, and everyone enthusiastically greeted us as if we were old friends, even though we hadn't been frequent enough visitors to RF to be specifically recognized. They are still working on the food and there was some room for improvement, but our comments were solicited -- more gravy in the green chile pork stew, please; less dressing on the arugula that accompanies the lamb riblet, please; more creaminess in the jalapeno mac & cheese, por favor. I had the grits with cod, lobster chunks and quail egg, and although the first bite seemed a little bland, by the time I got into the center I was really enjoying the creamy unctuousness. We don't usually order dessert but the choices were interesting so we shared the brown butter cake with caramel sauce and bacon, and the taste was excellent, although I found the cake slightly dry.

              Roaring Fork used to be our favorite special occasion place and destination for out of town guests, so we hope Renegade continues to develop and provide consistently great comfort food.

              Roaring Fork
              4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251