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May 27, 2010 06:22 PM

Pasta Setaro in Fort Myers area???

Hi, I recently moved to Fort Myers from Manhattan and was wondering if anyone knows of any place near Fort Myers that sells Pasta Setaro. I can't justify paying $30 in shipping charges to get it shipped from Buon Italia inside Chelsea Market.

Thanks much.

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  1. I've never found it and I've looked in Naples, too. Check out the Williams Sonoma in the Bell Tower. They occasionally have an artisan brand pasta but in very limited shapes -no where near the Setaro assortment . Whole Foods in North Naples may have an acceptable (to you) substitute as well as Mario's market on route 41 just north of Bell Tower. Mario's has a fairly large assortment of imported pastas (but not Setaro.) There's also an Italian deli in Cape Coral -Paesano's - that you might check. I've never been there but have seen ads. The Setaro price points may be a bit high for this area and/or Buon Italia might be the sole importer. Buona Fortuna!

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    1. re: rikerspharm

      I checked Paesano's. They do not carry it.

      862 Lafayette St, Cape Coral, FL 33904

    2. are you looking for the specific pasta producer or a certain shape? you aren't going to find Setaro here. They are a tiny company with no distribution and with restaurants like Thomas Keller's, etc. they most likely don't want to. The mystique is important. My guess is that Buon Italia is your only choice.

      Fresh Market has Tagliarelle noodles and others from Cipriani. They are superior but perhaps not the type of noodle your looking for. Mangia Bene.

      1. Thanks to all who replied.

        Rikerspharm - Been to Mario's a couple of times. It's a great find in Fort Myers for my Italian ingredients.

        LilMsFoodie - I was looking for anything Setaro, regardless of shape. I love their pasta. I've been to Fresh Market a few times but never paid too much attention to their pasta selection. I'll have to see what they have.

        Looks like I'll have to stock on Setaro on my trips back to NYC.

        Thanks again.

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        1. re: duckfat73

          I get Setaro's shipped from Buon Italia, and I find the shipping was not bad on an order of 12 lbs assorted shapes, and it is very well packed with no damage. Actually having it shipped is way better than having to go into the pretentious and hated Chelsea Market.

          1. re: ospreycove

            Is the shipping a flat rate regardless of how much pasta you order?

            I decided I'd just stock up the next time I was up in New York, which I did. I came back with 16kg of pasta. My girlfriend thought I was nuts. Haha.

            1. re: duckfat73

              Wow did the airlines charge you for "excess baggage?...LOL.....No it was by weight; but I think they do not put it to you with "handling fees".
              I am running low will have more accurate shipping info. soon.

        2. I am unfamiliar with this brand. Is it really that good? Texture? Flavor?

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          1. re: Mothership

            The best!! Unfortunately very hard to find. sorry for the long link!!!


              1. re: ospreycove

                Well okay then. I'm headed to NY next week. Driving a Suburban that will have tons of space on the way back. I will have to add Setaro pasta to the list of items that will fill said space on my return trip. I always manage to fill my vehicle up when I'm driving back down. Thanks for the info.

            1. re: Mothership

              IMO, this is the best dried pasta. The texture of the pasta, both dry and when cooked, is nice. It's able to hold sauces very well and It has a "bite" to it when cooked al dente.

              In addition to the texture, the flavor of the pasta is amazing. This is the type of pasta where the pasta is the star of show. No need to over sauce the pasta when using Setaro. You want the pasta to stand out and you can tell how good the pasta is by just eating it plain.

              1. re: duckfat73

                Duckfat....I just had the pappardelle last night with a rabbit ragu. The Pappardelle is just what you mentioned, a real flavorful pasta with a nice meaty bite. There is a source for nice 3-31/2 lb. rabbits in Sarasota. Found it a few weeks ago, Inter-City Meats. They are full line wholesalers but have a few specialty items, Quail and a good selection of cuts used by Hispanic cooks.

                1. re: ospreycove

                  Funny you mention the pappardelle because I just had that last week. I had some left over grilled boneless leg of lamb so I cut that into 1" strips and mixed it with the pasta along with some olive oil, caramelized onions, garlic, and rosemary. Yum.

                  The rabbit sound good. Are there any retail places that sell them?

            2. Hi Duckfat73 - You may want to try a deli in Ft Myers called a Touch of Italy. They have bulk dried pasta imported from Italy that I tried last night and it was very good. Interesting shape, too - a ziti (or mezzani, as my grandfather called it) with lots of ridges to hold sauce. They had a few shapes. About $6/lb. Place is on Cypress Lake and University place on south side of Cypress Lake between 41 and Summerlin adjacent to an Italian restaurant. Nice People run the place. It was my first time there.

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              1. re: rikerspharm

                There are two places for rabbit that I know of; first a Florida grower sells half rabbits to Publix. You might have to get them to sapecial order. The other is a wholesale place in Sarasota called "Inter City Meats, they have whjole 3-3.5 lb. rabbit at great prices, about $10.00 per rabbit. They sell individual rabbitsa so you will not end up with a case. In both cases these are frozen. I am looking for a fresh source; but as of yet no luck!

                1. re: ospreycove

                  Duckfat......Just found the name of the rabbit farm it is Seely's Ark some info is below.. Seely's is the 1/2 rabbit that Publix will order and carry.


                2. re: rikerspharm

                  Rikerspharm, thanks for the tip! That's actually really close to where I live. I'll have to check it out.