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Greatest Place for Upscale Drinks near Dundas Square?

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Would you guys recommend the best place or upscale drinks near Dundas Square?

Thank you!!

Romantic and classy are preferred!

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  1. Romantic and classy are in pretty short supply in the immediate Yonge/Dundas area. Maybe something on Elm St? Oro is fairly upscale, but more of a restaurant than a drinking place. Queen & Beaver is an upscale pub but still a pub and not romantic. You might need to branch out geographically a bit further to broaden your choices...

    Oro Restaurant
    45 Elm, Toronto, ON M4W1N6, CA

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      Agree with Gary... romantic and classy are not readily found in that nabe. Q&B came to mind for me too. The downstairs bar is quite pretty and the cocktails are well made (it's perfect weather for a Pimm's Cup!)
      - there is a small bar at the Pantages Hotel on Victoria, but I don't think it's particularly special
      -how is the bar at Barberien's?

      PS - How did your Victoria Day date go, Wilson?

    2. The Pantages Hotel on Victoria St. has a small, intimate bar area. There is also have a small room with a fireplace that has the feel of a library - very intimate.

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