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May 27, 2010 05:47 PM


Barcelona travelers you may want to read this -

I would love to have the time to make a trek!

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  1. Glad you're enjoying Francois Simon's blog. This place is not that far away from your apt. Here is their website with hours of business. There's a picture of the bacalao and chickpea.

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    1. re: Aleta

      Thanks Aleta!

      Given bacalla is such an essential part of cuisine in this area this seems like a place to hit.

      1. re: SmokinActuary

        It says on the website that they open at 7 am! I wonder what's for breakfast?? BTW, this place is very near El Vell Sarria, the arroz place.

        If you were a serious bacalla fan, you would email them and ask about b'fast. ;-)

        1. re: Aleta

          Here's an answer from Marta Masclans Vales, the owner of the bacalla store. Sounds like we're invited to breakfast! ;-)

          <<If you come to the shop at 7am it's possible that some food won't be prepare, I usually arrive at 6 am, but sometimes there are a lot of things to prepare, but if you're not in hurry we'll prepare the dishes you choose. Our dishes are related with cod and lot of salads specialy when it's very hot. Also we have some dishes with vegetables, smoked salmon, anchovies, sardines,tuna in catalan sauce etc.
          So it's better to phone one day before if you want something like cod rice, or tuna pie, at 7am.>>

          Has anyone tried cod rice or tuna pie?